Cowboys – Bengals (20-17): Cincinnati is in crisis

Cowboys – Bengals (20-17): Cincinnati is in crisis

Dallas Cowboys (1-1) – Cincinnati Bengals (0-2): 20-17

Since the injury of Dak Prescott, the hour is pessimistic in Dallas. However, carried by a more than effective Cooper Rush (19/31, 235 yards, 1 TD), the Cowboys won a precious victory against the Cincinnati Bengals, who conceded a second defeat in two matches.

The Dallas defense has martyred Joe Burrow (24/36, 199 yards, 1 TD) all game, with 6 sacks which are as much due to a troubled line and a troubled quarterback in his pocket management. Micah Parsons is more than ever in the race for the title of defender of the year, but it is all the “front seven” who shone.

On the attack side Dallas took advantage of a huge start to the game, before making the necessary effort late in the game. Noah Brown (91 yards, 1 TD) was the hero of the day in the air, helped by Ceedee Lamb (75 yards). The Cincinnati defense has done the job, it is in attack that the problem lies. All the leaders are far from the best level, from Joe Burrow to Ja’Marr Chase (54 yards) via Joe Mixon (83 yards).

Dallas remains in the race in the NFC East, while Cincinnati is already in a very bad position in the AFC.

No Prescott? No problem.

While the Cowboys did not score a touchdown in the first week, they will find the opening from the first drive. Cooper Rush is on pace, like the running game, and the quarterback finds Noah Brown for the touchdown (7-0). Dallas is in the game! A great reward for a daring team which did not hesitate to attempt a fourth attempt in midfield.

Cincinnati tries to react, but Burrow can do no better than a field goal. Still in trouble in his pocket, he suffered the law of Micah Parsons (7-3). But the Cowboys are unleashed, and relaunch the machine quickly with Noah Brown in the air and Tony Pollard (98 yards, 1 TD) on the ground for a gain of 46 yards then the touchdown on the following action (14-3). Cincinnati is transparent on both sides of the field.

The icing on the cake, the Cowboys end the half with a field goal, after a big comeback from KaVontae Turpin (17-3). The score is final, and is illustrated in numbers: 227 yards against 85, 4 sacks to 0.

The progressive awakening of the Bengals

The start of the second half was not encouraging for Joe Burrow, but Cincinnati took advantage of the Cowboys’ defensive faults to reduce the score with a field goal (17-6). Tee Higgins (71 yards, 1 TD) finds colors, but it is insufficient to dream of the touchdown.

The good news for Cincy is that Dallas’ offense is down, and the Bengals’ ground game is coming back to life through Joe Mixon. Once again, the line took on water, and the Bengals again settled for a field goal (17-9).

While Dallas still has the game in hand, and Ezekiel Elliott (49 yards) dominates the ground, it is Dalton Shultz who will despite himself restart the game by losing the ball while Dallas was in the Cincinnati camp. The two teams do not succeed in attack, and the match is bogged down in boredom.

It is 6 minutes from the end that Cincinnati plays its last card. Joe Burrow struggled forward with his offense, but Cincinnati found himself on the verge of touchdown after a 4th attempt conversion from Ja’Marr Chase. The former LSU quarterback then found Tee Higgins for touchdown, and Tyler Boyd for the 2-point conversion (17-17). The game is restarted!

It was then that Cooper Rush and his attack will close the game with a controlled drive, and a field goal from Brett Maher from 50 yards for the victory! A surprise, and proof that Dallas can still play in the NFC playoffs.

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