Mike Evans suspended by the NFL

Mike Evans suspended by the NFL

The NFL suspended Mike Evans for one game the day after an altercation that earned him an ejection.

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Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard
The Press

Fights are rare in football. Seeing the benches of each team empty is even rarer. This is what happened, Sunday afternoon, during the meeting between the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay and the Saints of New Orleans.

After an unsuccessful third down at the start of the fourth quarter, Tom Brady let officials know his displeasure. Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore passed a message to Brady as the two passed each other on the field. Brady went in the direction of his rival to garland him. Lattimore didn’t let go and running back Leonard Fournette pushed the Saints player to defend his quarterback.

Far behind the game, as he returned to the bench, Evans spun around, ran full speed and collided hard with Lattimore as he came into the blind spot. He was knocked to the ground. Dozens of players then got involved in the altercation.

When tempers died down, Evans and Lattimore were ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct and excessive roughing.

On Monday, the league announced that the wide receiver will have to serve a one-game suspension. The team’s next game is Sunday in Tampa Bay against the Green Bay Packers. However, rumor has it that the receiver is appealing his suspension.

Lattimore and Evans are not in their first trouble. A few years ago, the same situation occurred, when Evans ran towards Lattimore to tackle him from behind after the stoppage of play.

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