"Average Party", a teen movie like you've never seen before

“Average Party”, a teen movie like you’ve never seen before

This section does not regularly offer fake trailers. It’s understandable — there’s enough to do with the real ones, and then choose a trailer fake perhaps tricky: between the videos that are a hit and that everyone has already seen (like Movie: The Movie: 2V by Jimmy Kimmel, with all-Hollywood as a guest) or those that should never have seen the light of day (Taken 3…), the selection can be tough.

The last time we ventured here was to mention Skinja, a little delirium about a stripper and ninja mother. We do it again today with a fake trailer attacking the clichés of the American teen movie, Average Party.

Without being a pure and simple parody of it (in a way Scary Movie), Average Partywhich tells as its title suggests “an average party”, is directly inspired by two recent standards of the teen movie: the brilliant Super bad produced by Judd Apatow, and the “not so rotten as it turns out, yes yes, I swear” Project X, whose title now seems doomed to describe miscellaneous facts based on fiestas in suburban suburbs that degenerate (or evenings in provincial clubs). Too bad, the film deserved better than this lousy legacy.

Getting back to the fake trailer Average Partydirected by Tony Yacenda, its effectiveness lies in its methodical deconstruction of all the clichés of “home” parties in US teen movies, which Hollywood has been rehashing ad nauseam since American College: the loud music, the grumpy neighbor, the lascivious girls, the collective murge, etc. A simple postulate summarized by its slogan: “Sometimes, one big party can change your life. But usually not». Sometimes a huge chug can change your life. But in general, no. The proof:

Tony Yacenda and some of the actors in the video have been posting offbeat videos on a regular basis since early 2011 under the Woodhead Entertainment banner. We owe them in particular a sympathetic parody of the muscular interrogations of Batman version Christian Bale, or even the pearl which had made the rounds of the net when it was released, Shark Poolfalse trailer mocking this time the excesses of shark movies brainless by situating the action in a swimming pool. For those who missed it, catching up is highly recommended:

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