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NFL Most Outstanding Player quarterback Patrick Mahomes plays a new game in the Fortnite Icons Series

To win, you must have the spirit of the gladiator. Or be a gladiator.

Quarterback, record breaker and NFL and Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes plays their newest match in the Fortnite Icons Series. And since relaxing is as important as giving your all in work, his alter ego Mahomes sauce also appears!

Both of these outfits, along with Patrick Mahomes’ accessories, will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting August 25 at 2am CEST. But the trick is that starting August 23, players will have the opportunity to win the Patrick Mahomes outfit in preview thanks to the Patrick Mahomes Cup ! Check out the information on this tournament and discover the reward: a special emoticon.

In the protective pocket: outfit and accessories by Patrick Mahomes

Transform the tryout with the Patrick Mahomes outfit, which comes with two alternate styles in addition to a workout-ready default style:

The three Patrick Mahomes outfit styles.

reach the in-goal the last circle of storm thanks to the accessories linked to the Patrick Mahomes outfit:

  • Gladiator’s Gadget back bling : Equip yourself for battle. (Included with the Patrick Mahomes outfit.)

  • The Blushing Axes Pickaxe : reserved for experts. (Glows red when shaken!)

  • The Elite in-goal covering : equipment for your equipment.

  • The Game On Emote : back in the field.

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While we’re talking about it, here’s a short video of the Game Play emote:

After the game, rest: the Sauced Mahomes style and its back accessory

One day, you chain the electrifying veneers. The next day, you scramble your eggs on an electric plate. With a dab of ketchup, of course, because it wouldn’t be a day off for Mahomes otherwise. The SaucĂ© Mahomes outfit is now appearing in the Item Shop, too! This tomato-rich outfit includes theSuper Sauce back bling. Yes, it’s a bottle of ketchup.
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A Different Game Day: The Patrick Mahomes Cup

Get a head start on Patrick Mahomes entering the Item Shop! The Patrick Mahomes Cup is a team-based Zero Construction tournament taking place on Tuesday, August 23. Compete with your team for a chance to win the Patrick Mahomes Outfit and Gladiator’s Gadget Back Bling in Early Access. Likewise, get at least eight points to unlock theSecret sauce emoticon !

EN 21Comp ApexWildCup Social

Competitors can participate in a maximum of ten games within their region’s time window (approximately three hours). Specific event times for each region can be found in the Compete tab of the game. Scores will be awarded as follows during the event:

Ranking in the game

Victory Royale: 30 points
2nd: 24 points
3rd: 21 points
4th: 19 points
5th: 17 points
6th: 15 points
7th: 14 points
8th: 13 points
9th: 12 points
10th 11 points
11th: 10 points
12th: 9 points
13th: 8 points
14th: 7 points
15th: 6 points
16th: 5 points
17th: 4 points
18th: 3 points
19th: 2 points
20: 1 point

Each elimination

1 point

FR 21Comp Social Rewards Emote 1920x1080

The Secret Sauce emoticon.

Players who want to participate must have two-factor authentication enabled on their account and have a verified account, which must be level 50 or higher. (You can view your account level in the Fortnite Career tab.) For full details and entry requirements, please see the Patrick Mahomes Cup Official Rules page.

Transform testing on and off the field!

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