Bel Air de Forro, "an imaginary musical road movie" to discover in Quimperlé, this Friday, September 23 - Quimperlé

Bel Air de Forro, “an imaginary musical road movie” to discover in Quimperlé, this Friday, September 23 – Quimperlé

By opening its cultural season with the trio Bel Air de Forro, this Friday, September 23, Quimperlé sends a clear message to the public: the season will be full of life and open to the world!

Bel Air de Forro is a meeting between two ends of the world: the Brazilian Northeast and Finistère. Two peninsulas separated by the Atlantic Ocean and brought together by the music of the trio. The singer (carioca) Mariana Caetano and the percussionist (zabumba) Marcelo Costa, originally from Saõ Paulo, live in Brittany, while the Breton accordionist Yann Le Corre has made many musical stays in Brazil. Together, all three merge popular traditional rhythms from their respective roots.

Musical identity

“We have long taken up the standards of the Brazilian forro, but today we offer our own compositions which mix the worlds of Brittany and Brazil. We take the time for long improvisations before finding what suits us, this musical identity which would be the fruit of our history, of our eight years of living together, composed of a base from traditional music to which we add creative work. , of musical innovation”, explains the singer.

After the end of the world…

The repertoire that the public will hear on Friday is that of the trio’s latest album, “Ferroz”, which festival-goers were able to hear at the Bout du monde in Crozon, this summer. Third creation of the group, the texts, in French or in Portuguese, convey the commitment of the musicians for causes they have at heart: “migrations, exodus, roots, hospitality, interbreeding…”, and take listeners on “an imaginary road-movie to a territory called… Bel-Air!” »


Bel Air de Foro, this Friday, September 23 at 8 p.m. Espace Benoît-Groult in Quimperlé. Free within the limit of available places.

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