Burn the Stage: The Movie - 2018 movie

Burn the Stage: The Movie – 2018 movie

Burn the Stage: The Movie


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Burn the Stage: the Movie is BTS’ first documentary. Filmed behind the scenes of the BTS WINGS TOUR, it follows the meteoric rise of the group. This cinematic event provides an intimate look at how the world’s most popular band is breaking down barriers and invading the global music scene.

Exclusive concert footage and all-new interviews with each BTS member give fans an unprecedented glimpse into their lives and a chance for everyone to reunite in theaters around the world.

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Many feared the fact that it was the same as the documentary Burn the Stage on Youtube Red but not at all, of course it takes place at the same time and talks about the same thing but the film takes a completely different direction to tell the story . While on Youtube Red it was much more focused on the tour and the backstage of the latter, here we go beyond that. The movie is more like a video diary so…

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Mireille Hoong

Very beautiful testimonies, beautiful words, a lot of emotions and funny. 😂😜
The room was full of strangers but it’s so nice to share this moment with this wonderful family called ARMY
Our hearts being one in every tear and every laugh: it’s magic
I purple you ARMY 💜, I purple you BTS 💜
Superb evening engraved among the most beautiful memories full of encouragement 👏👏👏👍👍👍💜💜💜


A good time spent! What a pleasure to see innovative things in cinemas and especially on the BTS phenomenon! A good movie in subtitles with good quality. Emotions and a positive message and a desire to take life positively when you come out of this film. We also learn that hard work pays and that no effort is in vain. A good film to see regardless of whether you are a fan or not to be able to convince that the …

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Great behind-the-scenes documentary on Bangtan’s 2017 tour! Like many fans I think, I scour YouTube to watch all of the band’s available videos, so I was very surprised to find 90% of the footage I had never seen during “Burn the Stage”! The film further reinforces that true family image that BTS has. I saw the film in a large room and the Armys present were still a…

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