Scary Movie: 4 things to know about the cult film

Scary Movie: 4 things to know about the cult film

1. A family movie

Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans, the first film in the franchise Scary Movie is brought to the screen by the filmmaker’s two brothers. Marlon Wayans thus embodies Shorty Meeks, the funny guy of the gang who is a heavy cannabis user, while Shawn Wayans lends his features to Ray Wilkins, a handsome high school kid and slightly crypto gay. The two actors reprized their roles in the second installment of Scary Moviebut their older brother did not direct any of the following films.

2. An impressive number of parodied films

Whether Scary Movie draws its inspiration above all from the cult horror trilogy, Scream, the references are extremely numerous. According to the film’s Wikipedia page, the number of parodied films and series would thus amount to 29. Among them: The Exorcist, Titanic, Thelma and Louise, The Blair Witch Project, Usual Suspects, American Pie, The Sixth Sense , or Shining.

3. Anna Faris as Neve Campbell

Revealed by the film, Anna Faris has since become the star of Mom, a sitcom broadcast on CBS in the United States. But before experiencing success on the small screen, the actress held the helm in the first four parts of Scary Movie. If she has always played the sweet and clumsy Cindy Campbell, she has in turn been the parody of several actresses: Neve Campbell in Scream, Lili Taylor in Hantise, Naomi Watts in The Ring, and finally, Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Grudge.

4. The movie that paved the way

In 1996, the Wayans brothers had already tackled the parody film with Spoof Movie. But it is with Scary Movie that the trio truly paved the way for these comedy films specializing in parodies of other famous feature films. We can cite Sex Academy, Big Movie, Super Hero Movie, Spartatouille, Dance Movie, Vampires Suck, or The Starving Game.

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