The year 2017 as seen by Google Trends

The year 2017 as seen by Google Trends

Google’s Trends tool makes it possible to draw up an original assessment of the year through research carried out in France. Here is a -subjective- selection of the highlights of 2017.

We will not list here the most characteristic requests of the year 2017 in France on the various Google tools: the Google News Lab has already taken care of it here and reveals some curiosities, such as the fact that the definition the most searched in 2017 compared to 2016 was that of “oligarchy”, a word at the heart of the presidential campaign; or even the breakthrough of the tartiflette among the most sought-after recipes.

On the other hand, we have chosen to use Google Trends to follow the evolution during the year of requests around a word or an expression which seems to us to have marked 2017.

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Google Trends makes it possible to represent the evolution of interest in a keyword over time by quantifying the volume of queries in the search engines of Google, Google News and YouTube. The index 100 represents the maximum volume of searches on a subject during a period and in a geographical area. The data used is calculated from a representative sample of all research carried out in France.

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Here is the list of keywords that we tested on this last day of the year.

Johnny Hallyday. The singer, who disappeared on December 6, absolutely crushes the ranking of Google Trends. The graph below shows that the peak of interest logically occurred the week of his death. To read in Match: the exclusive story of Johnny Hallyday’s last week.

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Francois Fillon. The Republican presidential candidate had a nightmarish campaign following the revelations about the jobs of his wife Penelope. The peak of requests is reached according to Trends data between February 5 and February 11. After the revelations of the “Chained Duck” and “Special Envoy”, the candidate presents his “apologies” to the French that week. To read in Match: Penelope Fillon, the elusive.

Panda. The birth of a baby panda at the Beauval zoo on August 4 is associated with a peak in Google requests for this keyword. The animal will not receive its name – Yuan Meng – until the beginning of December, during a visit from the first lady, Brigitte Macron. To read in Match: pandas, clinging to life.

Presidential election uncertainty boosted interest in ‘poll’ query ahead of first round

Survey. French interest in polls has grown, according to data from Google Trends. The peak is reached on the eve of the first round of the presidential election. It is true that the uncertainty was very strong as to the order of arrival of the four favorites: Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, François Fillon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In “The presidential real time”, the daily Ifop-Fiducial poll for Paris Match, only six points separated the first (Macron) from the fourth (Mélenchon). The Macron-Le Pen second-round duel will generate less interest in the “poll” request. To read in Match: a crazy presidential campaign seen from Google Trends.

wonder woman and Star Wars. The dominance of “Star Wars” is almost unchallenged in the Trends results. The eighth episode of the saga, “The Last Jedi”, maintained the suspense until its release in December. However, interest in the year’s other blockbuster, “Wonder Woman,” outpaced the galactic adventures invented by George Lucas when it was released on June 7. To read in Match: our meeting with Mark Hamill.

Anthony Scaramucci. The short-lived White House communications officer isn’t a key figure in the Trump administration’s incredible soap opera. His lightning passage in the team of the President of the United States is nevertheless well illustrated by the data of Trends: ten days after his appointment, he was dismissed after having uttered a barrage of insults against his colleagues. The queries on his name then reach their peak, before sinking. To read in Match: even on vacation, chaos continues for Trump

Neymar. The arrival of the Brazilian player at PSG is one of the sporting events of the year. According to the ranking of Google Trends, the striker is the athlete who has made the most breakthroughs in requests in 2017, ahead of Kylian Mbappé, his team-mate from the Parisian club. The peak was reached between July 30 and August 5 when, after weeks of rumours, the official recruitment announcement was made by the club on August 3. To read in Match: Neymar, a Brazilian in Paris

Lazy. All it took was a mention by Emmanuel Macron, during a speech to the French community in Athens, for requests for the word “lazy” to explode in early September. According to data collected by “The Weight of Words”, which analyzes presidential speeches, the word then only comes back once in the mouth of Emmanuel Macron: on October 15, on TF1. “The words of” cynics “and” lazy “are of a normal or sustained register”, he assumes on this occasion.

Hurricane. The devastating passage of Hurricane Irma, particularly in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, had a visible impact in Google Trends: the peak of requests is reached between September 3 and 9, when concern is at its maximum. To read in Match: Saint-Martin heals its wounds.

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