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Tagovailoa est soumis au protocole de commotion cérébrale de la NFL

Tagovailoa is under NFL concussion protocol

Alanis Thames, The Associated Press

MIAMI — Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa underwent further testing on Friday and is still under NFL concussion protocol, some 24 hours after hitting his head hard on the playing surface and a few days after having a first violent shock in his last match.

Tagovailoa suffered from headaches Thursday night and Friday morning, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said. The team was still awaiting the results of a magnetic resonance imaging test, taken as an “extra precaution” in addition to a CT scan and x-rays, McDaniel said.

It is not known when Tagovailoa will be able to return to the game.

Tagovailoa was joined behind his line of scrimmage by tackle Josh Topou late in the first half of Thursday’s game. On play, he was knocked to the ground, where he appeared to demonstrate a response to fencing, his fingers clenched in front of his face.

He spent more than seven minutes on the ground before being taken out on a stretcher. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for evaluation.

The Dolphins later reported that he was conscious and able to move his extremities. He got his day off Thursday night and was able to return to Miami with the team.

McDaniel added that Tagovailoa traded with teammates on the return flight.

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