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An alternative to Google Trends for your keywords

Community Manager, competitive intelligence officer, web editor and beginners in SEO… do you want to excel in finding new ideas for your content creations?

Answer The Public might interest you! But what’s so special about it?


Presentation of the “Answer The Public” tool

Answer The Public presents itself as a new alternative to Google Trends. Easy to use and free, perform a dozen searches before registering or not for the pro version.

If you have too many requests to make, you can subscribe to the unlimited function for $99/month. Thus, you will have the chance to use it alone or in a team.

Answer The Audience

This tool will allow you to easily find the words and/or expressions frequently used by Internet users on search engines. Good news that will certainly delight editorial managers or simply those curious about SEO.

To put it simply, Answer The Public has bet on a fairly original presentation that clearly highlights our concerns in the search for keywords. (Of course, it’s a bit exaggerated with the video of the old gentleman but still we found ourselves at least once in our life in this situation)

It’s very strange, but how does it actually work? Let’s explore its different features…

Answer The Audience
Answer The Public will help you with content diversification

What can be done with Answer The Public?

To reassure you, I put myself in the place of a real beginner to explore the tool. As a result, our experiences on the latter may not be the same.

For my part, I followed the following steps and that could easily help you:

  • Go to the official website
  • Type the keyword and/or expression to search according to the search language you want
  • Get your results in seconds
Preview of results in visualization mode

Your results will then be presented in the form of a graphic representation, classified by main theme towards the questions which result from it thereafter. Indeed, each sentence is clickable and will redirect you to the corresponding results on Google.

Moreover, the latter can be exported either in image format or in .csv format if you wish to use a spreadsheet.

The advantage of the Pro version

If the free version is insufficient for you, the Pro version will allow you to make comparisons at the level of search results. You can also check out the blog created by Answer The Public to see the multitude of possibilities open to you.

The pro version is intended for all digital marketing players or SEO managers.

Answer The Audience
The Pro version will give you a multitude of possibilities

Why ? With this release, you will get the following features:

  • Unlimited Keyword Research
  • Comparison of data and new suggestion
  • Result-Based Languages ​​and Locations
  • Unlimited team member
  • Hiding unnecessary sections and individual suggestions

And to learn more, discover an overview of the Answer The public tool through this video

In summary

If you want to learn more about using the tool, the creators of and offer free courses on it. To do this, go to the bottom of the page on the “How to use Search insight Beginner’s Course” section.

Enter your email address in the tutorial registration bar and click on “Get yout first lesson now”.

And you, have you ever used Answer The Public? Your opinions interest me! 🙂

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