NFL: Chiefs game against Buccaneers will take place in Tampa

NFL: A child subdued by the police on the Buccaneers field

A boy ran onto the field and was tackled hard by a security guard in the second quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

A woman who identified herself as the child’s mother told The Associated Press that the boy was 10 years old. A police officer later told the AP that the boy was over 10 years old, but could not divulge any information because he was underage. The officer said the mother had multiple children and did not know which one jumped into the field.

Tampa Police Department spokesman Lt. Abe Carmack said there was “an incident involving a minor” at Raymond James Stadium during the game, but no charges will be filed and no arrests will be filed. Has been done.

The incident happened as the Buccaneers lined up for a conversion after Leonard Fournette’s touchdown gave them a 6-0 lead.

Last Monday night, a protester waving a pink smoke-emitting device ran onto the field during the San Francisco 49ers’ home game and was flattened by Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner.

The protester filed a complaint after being overpowered by Wagner.

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