Packers – Giants (22-27): Saquon Barkley King of England

Packers – Giants (22-27): Saquon Barkley King of England

Green Bay Packers (3-2) – New York Giants (4-1): 20-27

Unable to string together two good halves, the Packers were surprised at Tottenham Stadium in London by the increasingly serious and now credible Giants, claiming the January games in an NFC conference that was more open than ever. Expected in the race, New York deployed a varied and creative game plan which greatly hampered the opposing defense. Daniel Jones played simple in the middle zones, and moved the chains. Saquon Barkley (13 races, 70 yards, 1 TD, 3 receptions, 36 yards) did the rest.

After a serious first half, Green Bay went out again. While they were leading 17-3 and seemed calm, they let themselves go up and even overwhelmed with a scathing 24-3. By dint of playing with fire since the start of the season and being unable to take shelter, it is ultimately a logical and deserved defeat.

Green Bay takes the lead

Yet for their first game in London, Aaron Rodgers (25/39, 222 yards, 2 TD) and the Packers’ attack had started slowly but surely. Despite a big win from Randall Cobb for the first completed pass, Green Bay is content with a field goal from Mason Crosby on the first possession and a quick punt on the second. But the 3rd series is the good one. The reigning MVP finds Allen Lazard for an easy corner touchdown. Rodgers found the rhythm. And the Packers continue. 75 yards back in 13 games, and this time it’s Marcedes Lewis who is at the reception and at the end of a perfectly executed drive.

On the Big Apple side, Daniel Jones has a lot more trouble. Two 3 & out to start then a field goal, you have to wait for a wildcat (ball directly snapped towards the running back editor’s note) by Saquon Barkley to finally see the Giants punch through the green curtain. And creativity is an effective way to trap the opposing defense. Rookie Daniel Bellinger finds the end zone after a nice double reverse run. Focused on Barkley, the Packers give Jones time to Darius Slayton spaces, New Yorkers take advantage and are more productive. With 3 more points after returning from the locker room, they return to possession. (20-13)

Daniel Jones in legs, Rodgers in neutral

And like the start of the season, the Green Bay attack is struggling to follow up and take cover. The ball is too easily returned to the opponent. Resuming a game plan that worked very well and against which the green and gold defense could not adjust, New York returned to the game. After a very long possession, Gary Brightwell logically concludes on the ground and rewards the offensive application of Brian Daboll’s men. 20-20

And while LaFleur and Rodgers are stubborn in a long game without imagination and without result, Saquon Barkley makes miseries to his opposite. After breaking Darnell Savage’s ankles for a big win, he himself ended up on an outside run a few plays later. Now led with 5 minutes on the clock, Rodgers and his back to the wall. What hung in the face of the Packers for several games has finally materialized. Despite a good comeback from the field, they are stopped in the goal line and let the victory escape them. An anecdotal safety conceded by New York to let the clock slip away and a last missed Hail Mary does not change anything. A trip to England to forget for Rodgers.

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