Daughter follows in father's footsteps as Metro East volunteer firefighter

Daughter follows in father’s footsteps as Metro East volunteer firefighter

ST. CLAIR COUNTY (KMOV) – It’s a unique story at a volunteer fire department in the Metro East as a daughter follows in her father’s footsteps.

Megan Korte grew up with the East Side Fire Protection District being like a second home to her.

Megan’s dad, Dan Korte, is a Battalion Chief with the department and has worked there for 31 years.

“We’ve had birthday parties and I took pictures for prom here my junior year here so it just feels kind of normal to be a part of it still and just to have a bigger part of it now helping out more,” Megan says.

Megan started with the department in second response, volunteering to give firefighters water and ice when they were out on calls.

Two weeks ago, she was sworn in as a probationary volunteer firefighter.

“It just felt like something I should step up and do because I’m able,” Megan says.

Her dad was the one who did the wearing in for Megan.

“It’s pretty unique,” ​​Dan Korte says. “Never thought that I’d be standing there wearing her in. I assumed she’d just be a second response person bringing us ice and water and she decided she wanted to make the move so it was kind of neat to see her make the step.”

The Korte family is creating a legacy with the department.

“I’m pretty proud of her,” Dan says. “She’s doing a good job and she’s really stepped up and done what is expected of her in the few weeks she’s been here.”

As a volunteer fire department, Dan says getting people to stay has been challenging.

The goal is to add at least 10 more volunteer firefighters to the crew.

“Volunteerism’s way down,” Dan says. “All of the departments in the area have had a hard time getting people.”

Megan will be off probation within the next year when she finishes a firefighter course.

More information on the fire department can be found here. The online application can be found here.

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