NFL: Ron Rivera shoots an arrow at Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz

NFL: Ron Rivera shoots an arrow at Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz

Certainly, Ron Rivera did not want to cut corners to express his disappointment with the current performance offered by Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz.

After a fourth loss in five games Sunday, 21 to 17 against Tennessee, the formation of Rivera finds itself far behind the three other clubs of the Eastern division in the National association.

Asked if there was one thing in particular that differentiated the Commanders from the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, Rivera couldn’t be more concise.

“The quarterback,” he quickly replied to the reporter.

The latter had the quickness of mind to continue in the same vein, pointing out that Dallas has been without Dak Prescott for a month.

“The offense is built around Dak, but their reserve quarterback is a guy who’s very solid inside the (Cowboys) game plan. The truth is, this league is driven by quarterback performance. If you look at clubs that have had success, it’s happened by having the ability to build around a specific quarter,” he elaborated.

Rivera was then asked if he had any regrets about his choice, given that he was the one who encouraged the general staff to acquire Wentz via transaction last March.

“I have no regrets. I think he did well here and there, even if there are a few games during which he struggled. (…) We chose him because we identified him as a quarterback who can bring us what we are looking for. »

Washington will continue its season by facing the Chicago Bears in three days at Soldier Field.

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