Pinterest Trends fait ressortir les tendances de recherche du réseau social

Pinterest launches Pinterest Trends and Pinterest100 to find trends to follow

Pinterest Trends highlights social network search trends

Pinterest is a social network for sharing images and even videos. who knows how to remain discreet while offering interesting developments. In mid-December 2019, the social network announced the deployment of two new tools: Pinterest Trends and Pinterest100. Both services have purpose of helping users find search trends and therefore to better organize their communication campaigns (and incidentally their advertising campaigns…).

Behind this social network, often devalued by ignorance, hides nearly 320 million active users. This makes it a community platform almost the size of a Twitter, except for a few tens of millions of users. This can sometimes come as a surprise, but Pinterest is very popular with users, especially women (nearly 70% of the social network’s audience). Setting up services like Pinterest100 and Pinterest Trends is therefore a great idea. to better target the content sought by users, but also to better manage campaign budgets, etc.

Pinterest100 is a forecasting tool that draws on data from past years to propose trends to follow next year. In our case, Pinterest100 will therefore target the trends of 2020 which should work or be popular with the “pinner” community. The service only highlights the most striking trends, based on the comparative data of 320 million users over two 12-month periods from previous years. For 2020, Pinterest100 has decided to classify trends into 10 major themes, such as “Multi-function house”, “Finding the balance”, “Responsible consumption” or “Responsible travel”. Better still, some trends are associated with countries and cultures, and therefore make it possible to distinguish geographical targets. Thus, depending on the theme in which you are, you may notice that queries such as “Digital detox” have jumped 314%, or “home cinema layout” a 368% increase in searches, etc.

Pinterest100 reveals top search trends

For the moment, Pinterest Trends will unfortunately only be deployed in the United Statesbut we can hope to roll it out to other countries in the future. The objective of the tool is to offer the most trending search terms over the last 12 months. Better yet, the key periods of keyword usage will be highlighted, to allow community managers to better manage their communication campaigns according to trends. For example, the international media Tastemade relied on statistics to choose the right photos to share. The company noticed that everything related to watermelon was working well during the past summer, so they created a specific chart on this subject which was a complete success. With a tool like Pinterest Trends, this analysis and anticipation work would be even better thanks to the volumes of data used by the social network.

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