Ravens – Bengals (19-17): Justin Tucker strikes again

Ravens – Bengals (19-17): Justin Tucker strikes again

12 points and the winning field goal: Justin Tucker made Justin Tucker.

Baltimore Ravens (3-2) – Cincinnati Bengals (2-3): 19-17

The Bengals thought they could play a bad trick on their division rivals. Led for almost the entire game, Joe Burrow’s teammates (24/35, 217 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT + 3 runs, 6 yards and 1 TD) thought they had made the perfect shot by taking the lead for the first time in the game just two minutes from the end of the game. It was without counting the determination of Lamar Jackson (19/32, 174 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT + 12 races and 58 yards). And especially the foot of Justin Tucker.

Once again, the one who is certainly the best kicker in the history of the NFL did not tremble. A kick from 43 yards to take the score, while the clock showed more time. Thanks to these three points, the Ravens leave victorious in a match that they generally dominated, but that they also failed to let escape. They take revenge for at least the two beatings taken last year against this same opponent.

The limited Burrow-Chase connection

From the start of the meeting, we understand in any case quickly that Joe Burrow will not accumulate 500 yards this Sunday evening. Despite a struggling air defense this season, Baltimore is holding up against champions AFC. John Harbaugh’s men notably cut the connection stamped “LSU” by limiting the damage against Ja’Marr Chase (7 receptions for 50 yards). Without it, the Bengals struggle. Their first four drives are punts and Burrow is under pressure with 3 sacks, 5 QB hits and numerous deflected passes on the line of scrimmage. Offensive difficulties that allow the locals to take off.

10 points ahead to be more precise, thanks to a field goal then a touchdown from Mark Andrews (8 receptions, 89 yards and 1 TD) on an 11-yard pass from Jackson. The pitcher even has the opportunity to make the score worse late in the half, but finds Von Bell’s hands on a badly measured pitch. The start of a flash comeback for Cincinnati. The visitors indeed register 10 points in less than 10 minutes with in particular a TD of the former Raven, Hayden Hurst, on a reception of 19 yards. Results, the two teams find themselves back to back at the break.

Baltimore takes the lead in AFC North

In the second half, Cincinnati gets only three drives. For mixed results. There will be this touchdown 2 minutes from the end which will conclude an offensive series of 13 games and 75 yards over almost 8 minutes. But above all there is a nasty interception from Joe Burrow thrown at a former university teammate: Patrick Queen. As well as another drive of 15 games and 73 yards which stops just before the Ravens’ goal line on a 4th and 2 yards which could have changed everything. However, if the Bengals are still in the game at the very end of the game, it is because Baltimore will never have succeeded in folding the game.

They too lost the ball on a fourth attempt in the second half. Above all, Lamar Jackson doesn’t seem as smooth as usual. The pitcher is well contained by a defense that is wary of him like milk on fire. More surprisingly, the former MVP is struggling with deep throws. In particular, he lacks two teammates who are totally open for touchdowns in the second period with overly powerful passes. Two actions that could/should have killed the game.

Instead, Baltimore is forced to fight until the last moment including two field goals to keep their opponents at bay in the second half. And a last kick so at the very end of the match to regain an advantage left a few seconds to the Bengals. With this victory, the Ravens finally beat a cador of the division (after the defeats against Miami and Buffalo) and especially take first place in the AFC North. For Cincinnati on the other hand, the series of victories stops at 2 and everything has to be done again to get back in the lead.

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