2-year-old girl with rare form of cancer hopes to help grant kids more wishes with fundraiser

2-year-old girl with rare form of cancer hopes to help grant kids more wishes with fundraiser

BLAINE, Minn. — Joy comes in many forms. Saturday in Blaine, it came as a carnival for two-year-old Kenna Volkman. She had one wish: “A party!”

Thanks to Fridley-based Wishes And More, that came true.

About a year and a half ago, Kenna was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. She had a tumor on her left eye.



“At first it was very scary,” said Kelly Volkman, Kenna’s mother. “As it came to the point where the chemo was done, it became more, just looking forward to the future. At this point, we’re in maintenance mode. And we’re hoping that it continues that way.”

Kenna has had two more tumors, quickly treated. She now has partial vision in that one eye.

“It was stressful. We weren’t sure if she was going to be able to keep her eye or not,” said Kelly.

Saturday was a celebration of the progress she’s made. But, she had one more wish: more wishes.

Kenna’s family wanted the carnival to help grant more kids’ wishes. So they made it a fundraiser.

“Touched all our hearts because it was to give, at the same time have an experience for a little girl that loves parties,” said Karla Blomberg, the president of Wishes and More.

“We invited everyone we know,” said Volkman. “Friends from work. Friends from daycare, friends all around. Everyone.”

Hundreds of people came through Infinite Campus in Blaine to lend their support for the organization who grants wishes as big as deep sea fishing or Disneyland trips for children up to age 19 who are sick.

“We come in and can’t do anything about that. But we sure can make some very special memories and extraordinary moments,” said Blomberg. “That’s what we do. They will remember this forever.”

On Saturday afternoon Kenna celebrated her granted wish with several hops in the carnival’s bouncy castle. Jumping for joy.


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