3 trends TikTok qui sont (un peu) catastrophiques pour l’environnement

3 TikTok trends that are (a bit) catastrophic for the environment

This article originally appeared on Nowu.

There’s some really cool stuff on TikTok, including even users raising environmental awareness and sharing lots of tips (by the way, NOWU has its own account, subscribe if you don’t already done #autopromo). But you can also come across trends (“trends”) which are (very) bad ideas from an environmental point of view. For instance…

Do hauls

We start with a classic. The haul trend isn’t specific to TikTok: they were already popular on YouTube. But this new social network has given it a little boost: the #haul has been used more than 24 billion times.

This is not really good news for the planet, because, we remind you, the principle of the haul is to present your latest purchases of clothes, therefore in the overwhelming majority of cases, to consume fast fashion pieces or even ultra-fast fashion (the hashtag #sheinhaul has been used more than 6 billion times…). Given the impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment, you understand the problem of encouraging this kind of practice.

Dancing in front of a forest fire

They are a bit too much we fire : several tiktokeurs have been criticized for filming themselves dancing or striking a pose in front of forest fires (examples here and here).

In Pakistan, a complaint has even been filed against influencer Dolly, who has been accused of setting the fire herself (which she denies), reports The News International. In a country hard hit by drought and floods, things are clearly not going well.

Create an “army” of animals

Yes, you read correctly. The @thinfrog account (still followed by 2 million people) details, in several videos viewed millions of times, his project to create an “army of frogs”.

To do this he or she (his identity remains unknown) collected millions of frog eggs from a pond before installing them in his garden. In the latest video posted to his account, hundreds of little frogs can be seen hopping around on his lawn.


frog army is doing good everyone has been so worried

Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

It could be a prank, as the media specifies The Guardian (personally, we cross our fingers that it is one). But if this is not the case, raising and releasing large quantities of frogs (or any species in general) into the wild is really not a good idea: it disturbs the local fauna and flora in causing food shortages, promoting the spread of diseases…

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