Download Windows Movie Maker Free for PC

Download Windows Movie Maker Free for PC

Once provided as standard for Windows, Movie Maker remains an excellent free solution for doing video editing on PC, with transitions and effects. And it’s still compatible with Windows 10!

The current version of Windows Movie Maker is the 16.4.3528.033better known as version 2012. It was published on 04/17/2014. Integrated into the Windows Essentials pack, it notably restores support for voice-over recording, previously abandoned. An audio mixer is also available, in addition to access to free music services for sound illustration. On the image side, this version adds accelerated video stabilization as well as uploading to certain video platforms. Finally, MP4 becomes the default export format, replacing the obsolete Windows Media Video format (although still available). Following this final update, the development of Windows Movie Maker was abandoned. The video editor was officially shut down in 2017 in favor of Microsoft Photos on Windows 10. If it is still possible to use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10, However, Microsoft strongly advises against using and downloading it.

Originally, Windows Movie Maker was a video editing software designed for beginners integrated by default in Windows. This is software that is no longer integrated into operating systems FROM WINDOWS 7 and above , (you have to download it) it allows you to create, modify and share video sequences on the web, e-mail or CD/DVD. This version offers a simple interface and allows you to perform video captures, video imports, editing and video compilation.

To use it, simply drag and drop to place the video sequences on the timeline. Title overlays, transition effects, special effects and music can decorate your montage. The user can even specify the entry and exit points of a film to remove unnecessary passages. It should be noted that in the version integrated natively with the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, it is essential to deactivate the 3D Aero component if you want to launch Windows Movie Maker. In case you cannot activate Aero (because of a not very powerful graphics card for example) Microsoft has made available to you another much less demanding version.

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