NFL making progress in fight against concussions

NFL making progress in fight against concussions

In order to avoid the pro… uh to protect the players, the league seems to be making efficient decisions for the health of the players.

It’s a small step forward in what should be one of the NFL’s top concerns. The number of concussions was reduced by 50% among players who wore guardian caps this summer, compared to the previous three years.

According to ESPN, the league required offensive and defensive linemen, as well as tight ends and linebackers to wear this type of helmet from the start of training camps until the second preseason game. According to the data, this is the period with the highest number of concussions.

A total of 11 concussions were diagnosed, including 6 caused by blows to the protective grid, which is not protected by the “guardian caps”. Over this same period the last three years, we had an average of 23 concussions per year. According to the NFL, 200 players would have continued to wear this helmet after the mandatory period.

Despite this promising result, no decision has yet been made for 2023. Given the current economic situation, it would be surprising if this were still the case next June.

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