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NFL star Tom Brady smashes a Microsoft tablet yet again

Visibly frustrated after a failed action, Tom Brady spent his nerves on a Microsoft tablet. No problem for Surface device boss Panos Panay, who says the tablet is solid.

When Microsoft entered into a partnership with the NFL, the firm probably did not expect its products to be abused. The best player in the history of American football, Tom Brady, has nevertheless decided to test the robustness of Microsoft devices. Back on the pitch after a real fake retirement, the legend stood out in a game between his Tampa Bay Buccanneers franchise and the New Orleans Saints. Visibly frustrated after an incomplete pass, Tom Brady threw his headphones on the pitch and then a Surface tablet.

Surface and Windows product managers Panos Panay laughed at the situation on social media. In an Instagram story, he says: “Don’t worry, the Surface should get over it”. Like our colleagues from The Verge, we are not sure that the tablet is still in good shape, but we have not seen the extent of the damage checked.

Introduced in 2014, the tablets are intended to help teams prepare tactics and are sometimes used as “punching bags”. Microsoft has however taken some precautions by offering modified Surface tablets, says the official NFL website. “Microsoft customized standard Surface tablets to meet league requirements: they had to withstand heat, cold, rain and glare”. The shelves are also designed for “withstand an occasional fall” ; but there’s no indication if they’re resisting a quarterback’s arm.

Not a first for Tom Brady

This is not the first time that Tom Brady has become an ambassador in spite of himself for the Microsoft Surface. Last year he had already abused a tablet in a frustrating defeat (9 – 0). The image made the rounds on social media and the NFL asked the star not to destroy another Surface. It was already against the New Orleans Saints, but the situation changed in 2022 and the Bucs turned things around to win 20-10.

After the game, Tom Brady reacted with humor on social networks. He explains : “Sorry for breaking this tablet, I think it’s going to be another Twitter meme or something”.

Despite some bloodshed from players, coaches, staff or Microsoft’s big hiccup in 2016; I’agreement between the NFL and the American firm is doing well. In 2020, the Redmond giant announced a multi-year extension of this partnership. “With more than 2,000 Surface devices and 170 Windows servers deployed in 35 stadiums worldwide, Microsoft technology supports 333 NFL game day events each year. “, assures the company behind Windows.

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