Past Midnight: Keanu Reeves at the head of a superheroic Vigilante Movie for Netflix?  - Cinema news

Past Midnight: Keanu Reeves at the head of a superheroic Vigilante Movie for Netflix? – Cinema news

Keanu Reeves is in talks with Netflix to star in his big new project, “Past Midnight,” a new kind of vigilante movie directed by Rick Famuyiwa…

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The birth of a new super-heroic vigilante? According to information collected by DeadlineNetflix has just ordered Past Midnight, a project at the crossroads of genres that will stage a “a new kind of Vigilante superhero“. The team would also be in talks with Keanu Reeves so that he endorses this new cape of vigilante.

Behind this still very enigmatic project, we find superhero professionals, since Anthony and Joe Russo, directors of Captain America and the next two Avengers, will be the producers. At the realization, it is a more confidential name of the cinema, that of Rick Famuyiwa, which was also announced. After the independent film Dope, the latter notably directed the pilot of The Chi and has just won the staging of the adaptation of the graphic novel Black Hole. This is not Famuyiwa’s first try as a superhero since he was attached to The Flash for a time before giving up following artistic disagreements.

No details on the plot of Past Midnight have yet filtered except that the scenario of TJ Fixman, from the middle of the video game, was very popular …

What are the commandments of the Vigilante Movie?

If Keanu Reeves did get on board this major project, he would find a new role as a vigilante and superhero. The actor, revealed in Point Break then consecrated by Speed ​​and Matrix, was the face of DC’s anti-hero Constantine in 2005. On the “Vigilante” side, Reeves also knows a lot about it since he is also the face of John Wick, popular saga which has boosted his career and of which he will shoot the third part next April.

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