Psych The Movie Group Promo - Psych The Movie : Une réunion délirante et par moment absurde qui ne déçoit pas

Psych The Movie: A delirious and at times absurd reunion that does not disappoint

Psych The Movie Group Promo - Psych The Movie: A delirious and at times absurd reunion that does not disappoint

If in recent years we have seen several finished series return to our screens, there was a time when we only had the right to what are called reunion TV movies. This is the path that follows Psych which, just over three years after its conclusion, returns with a long episode bringing the cast together for a new investigation.

We can thus find Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) when they have not really revived their business in San Francisco. That doesn’t stop them from interfering in local police business when Juliet’s partner (Maggie Lawson) gets shot.

We therefore have an investigation whose stakes quickly become very personal. However, we weren’t really looking Psych for the investigation part, but for anything that didn’t really look like police work. In this register, this little film does not disappoint, because we cannot say that the case goes the distance or is a minimum fleshed out. It serves its purpose by simply being an excuse to bring everyone together.

In addition to Shawn, Gus and Juliet, we thus find Chief Vick (Kristen Nelson) who is even more present than usual; Henry (Corbin Bernsen) shows up when you least expect him; Woody (Kurt Fuller) finds a reason as ridiculous as himself to explain why he’s there; and Mary (Jimmi Simpson) returns for a dream scene. All that’s missing is Lassie who unfortunately we only see very briefly due to Timothy Omundson’s health issues.

We can also say that this absence is really the weak point of this TV movie. A good episode Psych isn’t really complete without Lassie. Nevertheless, there is not really time to stop on this black point during the viewing so the rhythm is sustained.

It must be said that the formula has not changed. We end up with recurring gags – Pluto and references to the ’80s had to be there – and allusions to several old investigations of Shawn and Gus to please the fans. Shawn finds a few rare opportunities (not enough?) to play fortune teller. Juliet always takes care of keeping everyone in the right direction and Gus never misses an opportunity to eat.

In short, this TV movie brings us the best of Psychcondenses it all into less than an hour and a half, features some surprise guest star comebacks, and casts Zachary Levi as the bad guy on duty he’s having a blast with.

When we liked the series, there is nothing in particular to complain about, just to appreciate this reunion and hope that there will be others of this kind in the not too distant future.

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