Seattle Seahawks beat Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks beat Denver Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos (17-16) on Monday at home to complete the first day of the NFL. This match saw the return of Russell Wilson, the former quarterback of Seattle (winner of the Seahawks’ only Super Bowl, in 2014, and also a finalist in 2015) in the city where he played 10 years, but under the colors of the Broncos, where he signed this summer.

Wilson delivered a good copy with 340 yards gain. Geno Smith, the QB who now replaces him in Seattle, has delivered an excellent first period, with 17 completed passes out of 18 attempted for 164 yards. Before being a little more discreet, on returning from the locker room.

The Denver Broncos can nevertheless bite their fingers. They missed several opportunities to take the game on their own. Runners Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams both lost the ball as they approached the end zone.

And a tactical error ultimately cost them the victory. While there was one minute left and Denver still had two timeouts, on a fourth attempt and five yards to gain, Nathanael Hackett, the Broncos coach, wanted to attempt a field goal from 64 yards. But kicker Brendan McManus failed.


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