Tom Brady blasts NFL after teammate Mike Evans' suspension

Tom Brady blasts NFL after teammate Mike Evans’ suspension

Tom Brady disagrees with the NFL and makes it known. On September 18, his Tamba Bay Buccaneers team traveled to the New Orlean’s Saints field. If the Florida-based franchise managed to win in New Orleans (20-10), Tom Brady is however far from satisfied. Indeed, during the meeting, his teammate Mike Evans took part in a fight with Marshon Lattimore, cornerback of the Saints, in order to defend his famous quarterback. This scuffle is far from without consequences for Mike Evans, since the latter was suspended for one game by the NFL. The star receiver will therefore miss the Buccaneers’ next game against the Green Bay Packers on September 25. This isn’t the first time the pair have come to blows, as Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore previously fought in 2017.

Podcast guest let’s go Hosted by sports commentator Jim Gray, Tom Brady spoke following the suspension of Mike Evans. Gisele Bündchen’s husband believes that the sanction is not justified: “I think sometimes emotions get the better of us, and I love Mike. And having Mike come out there to defend me means everything to me as a teammate and friend. And Mike knows how I feel about him. So in the end, emotions are part of the sport. Sometimes they overflow, like Sunday, and that’s an unfortunate circumstance.

Tom Brady then blasted the NFL’s decision: “I don’t think he deserved any kind of suspension. I think that’s ridiculous. I hope we can get another way out. (…) There are a lot of things that come into play and there are a lot of fouls, so I don’t think Mike should be the one to blame and point fingers. Unfortunately, he was, and that’s just the reality of life in the NFL.Note that Mike Evans has appealed his suspension.



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