week 3 results

week 3 results

There are only 2 undefeated teams left in the NFL after 3 weeks, the Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles, which continue their clear rounds. Here are the results for week 3 of the 2022 NFL season.

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Performance of the week

buffalo bills [2-1] @ Miami Dolphins [3-0] : 19-21

Where will the Miami Dolphins stop? After making an incredible comeback last week on the Ravers field, the Dolphins this time took over the Buffalo Bills, declared candidates for the Super Bowl after a tough battle (21-19). But how difficult the last minutes were for Dolphins fans! By having taken the lead 11 minutes from the end thanks to a Touchdown from River Cracraft after a drive well led by Tua Tagovailoa. The Bills would then put pressure on Miami with an inspired Josh Allen (400 yards in the game), but the defense heroically repelled the assaults despite a fright with a Safety conceded 97 seconds from the end. But the defensive line was still going to do the job on the final drive of the Bills and Sun Life Stadium could exult! Still undefeated, the Dolphins are the surprise of this start to the season.

The surprise of the week

Kansas City Chiefs [2-1] @ Indianapolis Colts [1-1-1] : 17-20

The Chiefs fell for the first time this season, on the ground of the Indianapolis Colts, who had not yet tasted victory in 2 games (17-20). Yet still in the lead a few seconds from time, the Chiefs conceded a Touchdown from J.Woods on a caviar from Matt Ryan (27/37 and 222 yards). Patrick Mahomes (20/35 and 262 yards) and Kansas City did not find solutions in the second act (3 points scored) and suffered their first defeat after an alert last week. Expected reaction this weekend during the clash on the field of Tom Brady’s Buccaneers.

Curiosity of the week

Jacksonville Jaguars [2-1] @Los Angeles Chargers [1-2] : 38-10

Accustomed to the depths of the League for 2 years, the Jacksonville Jaguars surprise at the start of the season! After crushing the Colts last week (24-0), the Jaguars confirmed this weekend with a clear success on the field of the Los Angeles Chargers. The effect Trevor Lawrence (28/39 for 262 yards), number 1 of the last draft, is felt on the offensive animation of Jacksonville. But also the defense, with 10 points conceded in total over the last 2 meetings. A good start to the season which confirms the opening of a new era for the Jaguars.

The complete results of NFL Week 3

This week, no franchise was at rest.

Thursday Night Football

Pittsburgh Steelers [1-2] @ Cleveland Browns [2-1]: 17-29


New Orleans Saints [1-2] @ Carolina Panthers [1-2] : 14-22

Houston Texas [0-1-2] @ Chicago Bears [2-1] : 20-23

Kansas City Chiefs [2-1] @ Indianapolis Colts [1-1-1] : 17-20

buffalo bills [2-1] @ Miami Dolphins [3-0] : 19-21

Detroit Lions [1-2] @ Minnesota Vikings [2-1] : 24-28

Baltimore Ravens [2-1] @ New England Patriots [1-2] : 37-26

Cincinnati Bengals [1-2] @ New York Jets [1-2] : 27-12

Las Vegas Raiders [0-3] @ Tennessee Titans [1-2] : 22-24

Philadelphia Eagles [3-0] @Washington Commanders [1-2] : 24-8

Jacksonville Jaguars [2-1] @Los Angeles Chargers [1-2] : 38-10

Los Angeles Rams [2-1] @Arizona Cardinals [1-2] : 20-12

Atlanta Falcons [1-2] @Seattle Seahawks [1-2] : 27-23

Green Bay Packers [2-1]@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers [2-1] : 14-12

Sunday Night Football

San Francisco 49ers [1-2] @ Denver Broncos [2-1] : 10-11

Monday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys [2-1] @ New York Giants [2-1] : 23-16

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