10 key figures and 5 trends to know in 2022

10 key figures and 5 trends to know in 2022

The 6th edition of the Social Trends report has just been published by Hootsuite. The study is based on a global survey carried out by the platform among 18,100 marketers, observers and companies, in the 3rd quarter of 2021. A lot of data is thus shared and 5 social media trends are identified: the strategy of brand, social media advertising, ROI, social commerce and customer care. The objective of the report: to discover or explore in greater depth the emerging behaviors and the must-have social platforms in 2022, in order to help digital marketers rethink their social media strategy.

The 10 key social media figures to remember for 2022

We’ve got you covered with a list of the top 10 facts you shouldn’t miss from Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Trends report:

  1. Facebook is the most effective social platform for achieving business goals according to 62% of marketers, ahead of Instagram (49%) and LinkedIn (40%). TikTok jumps 700%, from 3% in 2020 to 24% in 2021, reaching 6th place.
  2. Instagram is the social network on which respondents plan to invest the most in 2022 (48%), ahead of Facebook (47%) and YouTube (44%). They are 36% to plan to increase their budgets on TikTok and 38% to maintain their current investments on this network.
  3. For 47% of them, the budgets for Snapchat and Clubhouse should be maintained, as well as for WhatsApp (46%) and Pinterest (44%).
  4. Only 10% of respondents said they do not use paid ads (compared to 29% last year). This particularly concerns small businesses (75%).
  5. Nearly 1 in 2 marketers (48%) believe that their social advertising strategy is rather integrated with other marketing activities, such as television advertising spots, print, Google Ads and/or press relations.
  6. Among the experts surveyed, 83% are confident in their ability to measure the ROI of their actions on social networks (compared to 68% a year earlier). 14% even say they are very confident about this (compared to 7% in 2020).
  7. 46% of marketers use native social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to collect and integrate their data. This figure has fallen sharply over the last 12 months (vs. 62% in 2020). Conversely, 36% of them use third-party tools, a trend that has risen sharply over one year (vs. 21% in 2020).
  8. Brand awareness remains the top goal for marketers on social media (53%), ahead of acquisition (47%) and conversion (46%).
  9. The production of original and creative content on social networks represents the main challenge in 2022 for more than 1 in 2 respondents (51%), ahead of the decline in organic reach (43%) and the integration of data (34%) .
  10. Experimenting with new content and original ad formats is the opportunity that excites industry experts the most (14%). Behind, we find the use of social networks to generate conversions (e-commerce, social shopping) and the development of the impact of social media on other business departments (commerce, HR, product development), all two tied (12%).

Creating connected and sustainable online communities

On the branding side of social networks, Hootsuite expects that they will notably strengthen the development of their online communities during the course of the year. The platforms are currently launching new tools, such as the “Communities” function being developed by WhatsApp or the recent Twitter Communities created on the model of Facebook groups.

Digital communities should therefore grow in size in 2022 because their assets are multiple. They allow brands to connect with new audiences, by offering them exclusive access to their products or services, to gain their trust and thus improve their notoriety. But it’s no longer about creating a community from scratch. Whatever their typology, content creators represent the entry key for brands, in order to help them access these online communities. Their role is essential to better identify their target, simplify content creation and create affinity with the brand.

Look for active and engaged online communities around interests relevant to your product category. (…) By bringing in creators to tap into those circles where you’re not well known and adding value to them, you’ll reach new audiences, build your cultural appeal, and learn more about your customers, recommends Hootsuite in his report.

Other social media trends for 2022 according to Hootsuite

The Social Trends report published by Hootsuite reveals 4 other trends for social networks in 2022:

  • Social media advertising: while marketers intend to spend more advertising dollars on social platforms, consumers expect them to be more creative, offering content that reflects and enriches the experience offered by the brand.
  • The king : social is developing more and more until it goes beyond the sphere of marketing teams. In order to achieve the same impact as in other sectors of the company, marketers will be able, for example, to strengthen their employee advocacy program, master social listening, or seek to obtain more data on their customers. .
  • Social commerce: as the number of sales made on social media explodes, this trend will become the core of the post-pandemic shopping experience. If large companies will test the limits of social commerce, small structures will redouble their efforts to increase their conversions directly on social platforms.
  • Customer care: to respond to the influx of requests to satisfy their customers, social media managers, who are on the front line, have the opportunity to play a major role in resolving problems and guiding organizations to ease tensions by improving their customer service.

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