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Choosing the right shoes for spring-summer 2022

The canon models of shoes to appropriate to dress your feet in spring-summer 2022 are causing a lot of ink to flow. They allow you to take care of your look while remaining in a small fashion challenge. Between sandals, pumps, sneakers, mules and moccasins, the fairer sex is so spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the right spring shoes. Decryption.

Moccasins, always timeless to welcome sunny days

Moccasins are an integral part of the trendy models that we will discover for the spring-summer 2022 shoe trends. These are ranges of leather shoes stolen from men, but which have become essential pieces in the women’s wardrobe. Indeed, these distinctive student shoes during the 60s are now back in the spotlight to the delight of fashion enthusiasts. This time, they introduce themselves into their daily outfit to give them an offbeat look. Printed, black, white or two-tone, moccasins are revealed as the best companion during the coming spring-summer seasons.

Slingback pumps, shoes adapted to the stylistic desires of each fashionista

In the family of the biggest spring-summer 2022 footwear trend, women can also count on slingback pumps. Whatever the desires of each fashion lover, these shoes will be a rare piece to adopt. With their vibrant tones, these models of pumps no longer have anything in common with the shoes of our grandmothers. In fact, slingback pumps suit all clothing trends. They can be worn printed or accompanied by a pretty ribbon, anything goes. During the spring season, they go well with palazzo pants. In summer, a little dress or a skirt displaying bare legs can guarantee a preppy effect.

Sneakers, a trend for adopting a chic and trendy look

Sneakers in soft tones bring a certain elegance to those who want to stay simple and trendy on a daily basis. Even more, the shoe trend of the year wants these models to find the catwalk of fashion to adopt nowadays. Their appearances make it possible to remain both glamorous and elegant. These sneakers go perfectly with every style of clothing. In addition to their pastel colors, the prints are also of interest to fashion addicts. And for this summer, we also let ourselves be seduced by the models with XL soles in order to gain a few extra centimeters.

Jellyfish sandals, an excellent alternative to stay authentic

These models also offer very good options for adopting a trendy spring-summer 2022 look. Indeed, jellyfish sandals allow you to adopt a chic spirit by signing their big comeback for this season. Offered in a palette of greedy colors, these shoes are now worn everywhere. Its main asset is its originality, especially for models with rhinestones, flowers, sequins and bright colors. To better wear this shoe trend, they can be completed with a floral ruffled dress, a cropped jacket or denim shorts. The advantage of jellyfish sandals? They are very comfortable to wear.

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