DeShaun Watson (Cleveland) suspended 11 games and fined five million dollars

DeShaun Watson (Cleveland) suspended 11 games and fined five million dollars

DeShaun Watson, the new quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, who arrived this season after playing for the Houston Texans for five years (and three times elected to the Pro Bowl, the NFL All-Star Game), finally received an 11-game suspension for violating the US Professional League Code of Conduct on Thursday.

Watson (26) had been accused of sexual assault by 25 women. No criminal charges had been brought against him, but there had been several civil lawsuits. At first, the Cleveland QB had been suspended six games by a mediator chosen by the NFL and the players’ union (NFLPA).

NFL and Browns help create prevention fund

But, unhappy with the sanction, the NFL had appealed. Watson ultimately received nearly double the original sentence. He will also have to pay a fine of five million dollars (during the first decision, no fine was decided). DeShaun Watson will therefore miss two-thirds of the NFL regular season (which includes 17 games and begins on September 8). He will be able to play again from November 28.

Roger Goodell, the boss of the NFL, announced that the body he leads and the Cleveland Browns will each donate one million dollars to create a fund, which will be donated to non-profit organizations, located in all States. States, which educates young people, promotes the prevention of misconduct and sexual assault, and supports victims.


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