Google Trends now in real time - SEO & Engine News

Google Trends now in real time – SEO & Engine News

Google Trends now in real time

The Google Trends tool for analyzing the volume of search queries on the engine over time has just undergone a major update, with in particular the possibility of monitoring requests from Internet users in near real time…

Google Trends (or Search Trends in French) is a very useful tool for detecting the “heat” of a request, that is to say its event side (the peaks of requests on the engine). It has just been improved, as announced by Google, now taking into account data in near real time (barely 10 minutes late) and the possibility of displaying curves with the statistics of requests on Google for less than an hour, four hours or a day.

The 100 billion monthly queries made on the search engine can therefore now be explored almost to the minute, which proves to be very interesting during unpredictable events or proven buzz.

A new home page is also offered in 28 countries, displaying interrelated queries or events (sometimes in a rather surprising way, and one can imagine that the algorithms used will be refined over time, because it does not seem not yet fully developed).

Finally, icing on the cake, a number of raw data to download is also available on many news to set up your own applications.

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