Jim Jones invites Migos on the single "We Set Trends"

Jim Jones invites Migos on the single “We Set Trends”

A collaboration between Jim Jones and Migos appeared in the new releases for this Friday, December 10, 2021. On the single “We Set Trends”, the rappers showed off all their art.

We understand better the curfew that Jim Jones was forced to burn on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 through the fault of Offset. Jim had posted an Instagram video to prove he was with the Migos member performing. Later that night, the pair posted another video of them in the studio listening to new music that suggested a collaboration. And it wasn’t wrong. Jim Jones collaborated well with the full Migos on a single titled “We Set Trends”.

Jim Jones with Quavo, Take Off and Offset on We Set Trends with a visual

The single was released this Friday, December 10 with a well-stocked and artistically clean visual. The song itself is the title track from the “Gangsta Grillz” We Set Trendz mixtape that Jim Jones is preparing with the blessing of DJ Drama. This is also a tendentious connection between New York City and Atlanta.

In the chorus, we find Take Off who went for a good ride and assured by taking care of the first verse of the track. This was followed by Jim Jones alias Capo who scratched a good reassuring text on the quality of his upcoming mixtape. Quavo also distinguished himself by showing off some luxury accessories during his verse before Offset came to conclude this piece, the visual of which lasted three minutes fifty-four seconds.

Jim Jones with his busy schedule

Jim Jones, aside from prepping his “Gangsta Grillz” We Set Trendz mixtape with DJ Drama, is also busy in the cinematic universe. He’s not only preparing for the release of the Nick Cannon-produced holiday feature Miracles Across 125th Street, but also working on his next Jim Jones movie. Bearing his name, the film will not be a biopic, but will relate a drama inspired by a real story. The film will be about the infamous cult leader who orchestrated a mass murder-suicide of his People’s Temple followers in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978. Actor Leonardo Dicaprio, who recently played a leading role in Don’ t Look Up, is expected to star in this Jones film.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy We Set Trendz with these few lyrics from the track:

I tried to get money, I tried to feed my family.

‘Cause these niggas don’t wanna see me win (No)

I thought of the Rollie, but went for the Richie.

Then I put my mother in the Benz (No)

Got it (I got it), in the sloping suite, with two twins.

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