NFL: the chicane is taken between two known owners

NFL: the chicane is taken between two known owners

A vote on a new contract for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell went rather poorly, with owners Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft trading bittersweet words on Tuesday.

During a meeting of the leaders of the league, the participants were invited to decide on a possible agreement with Goodell: at the end of the procedure, 31 of the 32 team representatives voted in favor, so that a committee may enter into negotiations in this regard.

According to ESPN, Jones was the only owner to protest against the proposal, which led to a controversial exchange with Kraft, his vis-à-vis the New England Patriots.

“Don’t mess with me”, would have declared on two occasions the big boss of the Dallas Cowboys who also holds the position of general manager of training.

He deplores the absence of links between the bonuses that will be paid to Goodell and the financial objectives to be achieved. The commissioner has a pact valid until the end of 2024. According to the daily “The New York Times”, he has earned nearly $128 million in total during the last two fiscal years, thanks in particular to bonuses granted after the signing of the collective agreement and broadcasting contracts.

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