Reading DPW workers remove trash after it wasn't picked up for weeks

Reading DPW workers remove trash after it wasn’t picked up for weeks

READING – Reading residents say lately their neighborhood stinks. For many it’s been nearly three weeks since their trash and recyclables have been picked up.

“It’s just difficult and it looks awful,” said resident Donna Lazzara.

Things have gotten so bad that the town’s DPW workers are stepping in with front end loaders and dump trucks.

“At this point there’s nothing residents can do other than bring it to the curb and keep our fingers crossed,” said Jeanne Borawski of the Reading Rotary Club.

Town Manager Fidel Maltz said the town had a long-term contract with JRM, which was recently acquired by Republic Services, but he says the transition has led to a myriad of issues.

“It is a shortage of trucks and a shortage of people,” Maltz said. “We experienced significant delays and significant disruption in service.”

Since Monday DPW workers have been working overtime going to door to door picking up trash, then dumping it at their headquarters to be hauled away.

Donna Lazzara has never been so happy to see her trash collected.

“I am so happy to see this,” Lazzara said. “It’s been out here for some time; it looks like tent city.”

Folks in town are so grateful to have their trash picked up, they actually dropped off food and drinks for all the DPW workers.

“We have made it a priority and we have made a commitment to our residents that by the end of this week, trash and recycling will be back on track,” Maltz said.

Maltz says more Republic trucks are beginning to trickle in and he is confident that the problem will be fixed by the end of this week.


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