the guide for week 1

the guide for week 1

NFL 2022 season, action! After a Thursday Night Football won by the bills to kick off the season, all other franchises kick off their year this weekend. Shocks, return of players to their former franchises, player and team to follow, We Sport presents this first week of the year.

NFL game of the week

Kansas City Chiefs [0-0] @Arizona Cardinals [0-0] : Sunday, 10:25 p.m.

Back to school will rhyme with a big poster for the Chiefs, traveling to Arizona to face the Cardinals. Without Tyreek Hill for the first time in his career, Patrick Mahomes will have to adapt so that the attack maintains its level of performance, and this from the first week. Indeed, in front, Arizona also has a strong striking power in attack, which suggests a real shootout between the two franchises. Attractive on paper, this clash between two teams playing at the top of the table in their respective conferences could be an attacking festival, to the delight of spectator football fans. A good way to attract new followers from the first week; unless the defenses raise the level to padlock a meeting that promises to be explosive.

Player to watch: Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns [0-0] @ Carolina Panthers [0-0] : Sunday, 7:00 p.m.

No. 1 in the 2018 Draft, Baker Mayfield was pushed out of Cleveland during the offseason, following the arrival of Deshaun Watson. Landed in Carolina, the former Oklahoma has obtained the position of holder, and will have the opportunity to take his revenge on his former team from the weekend 1. Faced with a defense, certainly solid, but which he knows by heart, Mayfield will want to start his new adventure with the Panthers well, while showing his old franchise that they were wrong to let him slip away. Player alternating the choice and the cold since the beginning of his career, he will have to be on a good day to resist the pressure of Myles Garrett and thwart the air defense of the Browns.

The team to follow: Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots [0-0] @Miami Dolphins [0-0] : Sunday, 7:00 p.m.

Will the Dolphins finally turn a corner? After two seasons where the franchise missed the playoffs by nothing, Miami invested heavily to strengthen its workforce. Franchise having achieved one of the most ambitious off-seasons, it must fight for the playoffs, and this from the first week. In a duel of division against the Patriots, the Floridians will have to respond, like the duo Mike McDaniel / Tua Tagovailoa. Much of the Dolphins’ success this season depends on the former’s ability to develop the latter, which is struggling to justify its No. 5 spot in the 2020 Draft. Facing young Mac Jones’ Patriots, Miami could send the first signals a convincing season; unless Bill Belichick comes, already, to destroy the hype around the dolphins.

The question of the week: What reception for Russell Wilson in Seattle?

Denver Broncos [0-0] @Seattle Seahawks [0-0] : Tuesday, 2:15 a.m.

After ten years in Seattle, Russell Wilson will find Washington City as an opponent for the first time in his career. In an ambitious Denver franchise cut to play the leading roles, he could hurt his former team very badly as the Seahawks seem, on paper, significantly below the Broncos. But how will his former fans react? In a LumenField renowned as one of the loudest stadiums in the league, will Wilson be entitled to whistles or applause during the game, he who carried the franchise on his shoulders for so many years? His former teammate Tyler Lockett, now captain of the franchise, hopes for a positive reception: to see if the spectators will also be of this opinion.

Thursday’s game

buffalo bills [1-0] @Los Angeles Rams [0-1] : 31-10

For their first game since their victory in Super Bowl LVI, the Rams will have deceived only one half. Opposed to bills announced as the favorites to the final victorySean McVay’s men resisted until the break, taking advantage of small errors from Buffalo – two interceptions and one smoke – to stay in the game (10-10). But the return from the locker room will be fatal to them, and Buffalo will unfold. Thanks to a fire defense and very effective on the pass rush (7 sacks), the Bills did not collect any points in the second half while the attack scored three touchdowns in the wake of a Josh Allen in MVP mode. Buffalo cracked the champion in the first week (31-10) and the whole league is warned: the Bills will have to be counted on in 2022.

The Complete NFL Week 1 Schedule

This week, no franchise is on week off.

Thursday Night Football

  • buffalo bills [1-0] @Los Angeles Rams [0-1] : 31-10

Redzone (Sunday, 7:00 p.m.)

  • New Orleans Saints [0-0] @ Atlanta Falcons [0-0]
  • Indianapolis Colts [0-0] @Houston Texans [0-0]
  • New England Patriots [0-0] @Miami Dolphins [0-0]
  • Pittsburgh Steelers [0-0] @Cincinnati Bengals [0-0]
  • Philadelphia Eagles [0-0] @ Detroit Lions [0-0]
  • Cleveland Browns [0-0] @ Carolina Panthers [0-0]
  • San Francisco 49ers [0-0] @Chicago Bears [0-0]
  • Jacksonville Jaguars [0-0] @Washington Commanders [0-0]
  • Baltimore Ravens [0-0] @ New York Jets [0-0]

Redzone (Sunday, 10:25 p.m.)

  • Green Bay Packers [0-0] @ Minnesota Vikings [0-0]
  • Las Vegas Raiders [0-0] @Los Angeles Chargers [0-0]
  • Kansas City Chiefs [0-0] @Arizona Cardinals [0-0]
  • New York Giants [0-0] @Tennessee Titans [0-0]

Sunday Night Football (Monday, 2:20 a.m.)

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers [0-0] @Dallas Cowboys

Monday Night Football (Tuesday, 2:15 a.m.)

  • Denver Broncos [0-0] @Seattle Seahawks [0-0]

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