Google Hot Searches "Les recherches chaudes de Google"

The list of search trends

Google Trends: The list of search trends

With the list of search trends of Google Trends Internet users will be able to know the news which would be likely to be of most interest to users of the search engine. This news is not really a news, it is rather a new version.

An example for France. A news list would reveal the interest of French internet users based on their daily searches. This list of current hot topics – updated hourly – is compiled based on a algorithm which would translate the millions of daily queries and which would determine the most searched topics. In other words, if a large proportion of Internet users are interested in the match of the Blues against England at Euro 2012, there is a good chance that this news will be displayed at the top of the list.

Google Hot Searches "Google hot searches"

Google Hot Searches: List of hot searches from Google

At the moment the service is only available for the United States.

The limits (there are some)

Should we trust this algorithm? totals more than 90% in share of visits, the relevance would be reduced by 10%, nothing obvious. However, even if there is not necessarily a relationship with this search analysis algorithm, since the updates of the months of April-May – Google Penguin in particular – the current results of Google are deplorable.

Will the hot search lists of Google Trends be to Google news what the suggestions of are to organic search? You know the perverse effect of Google’s suggestions… Is interest in this list not likely to double the search for traffic to the detriment of information? The “neutrality” of journalism could once again be called into question.

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