the week 3 guide

the week 3 guide

We attack the 3th day of the regular season in the NFL with a hierarchy that is slowly beginning to take shape. Poster, questions and result of the match that has already been played, We Sport tells you all about this NFL 2022 Week 3.

The game of the week

buffalo bills [2-0] @ Miami Dolphins [2-0] : Sunday, 19h00

It’s the shock of this NFL Week 3 and good news, there will be no need to get up in the middle of the night to attend! This meeting will oppose two teams still undefeated after the first 2 games, namely the Buffalo Bills, nominees for the Super Bowl, and the Miami Dolphins, who are coming out of a historic comeback last week on the field of the Baltimore Ravens. . Tua Tagovailoa, author of an extraordinary match last Sunday with 6 Touchdown assists, will have to repeat a high level performance to bring down the Bills, and his duel with Josh Allen promises to be particularly scrutinized by all NFL specialists.

Player to watch: Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers [1-1] @ Denver Broncos [1-1] : Monday, 2:20 a.m.

Quarterback holder of the 49ers in 2019 when San Francisco reached the Super Bowl, Jimmy Garoppolo has since experienced misadventures. Less efficient over the seasons, the 49ers staff even decided to relegate him to the bench for this season, preferring the young Trey Lance. Shoulder surgery during the summer, the leaders tried to find him a way out, but his imposing salary ($ 24 million) has slowed down more than one franchise. It was then necessary to renegotiate the salary in order to integrate it into the payroll for this 2022 season. Accepting a salary cut to $ 6 million, Jimmy Garoppolo was going to spend a year in the shadow of Trey Lance. But astonishment, during the last game against the Seahawks (27-7 victory), the young 22-year-old quarterback broke his ankle in the first minutes of the game, leaving it to Jimmy Garoppolo to reluctantly find his stripes. number 1 quarterback. On the field of the Denver Broncos, he will have the opportunity to show that his talent has not disappeared and will want to put the San Francisco 49ers back in the play-off contenders.

Team to watch: New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys [1-1] @ New York Giants [2–0] : Tuesday2h15

Accustomed to the underworld of the NFL for several seasons, the New York Giants have nevertheless started this 2022 NFL season excellently. After 2 successes against the Panthers and the Titans, a first since 2016, the New Yorkers will have the opportunity to afford a 3th rank success during NFL Week 3. Taking advantage of a favorable calendar, it must be said, Daniel Jones’ Giants above all showed collective values ​​and character by snatching their 2 successes in the dying minutes. Faced with the Cowboys of Cooper Rush who will travel for the first time this season, the Giants will have to raise their level of play to give another victory to the supporters present at Metlife Stadium.

Question of the week: Can the Bengals react?

Cincinnati Bengals [0-2] @ New York Jets [1-1] : Sunday, 19h00

Finalist of the last Super Bowl, the Cincinnati Bengals got off to a catastrophic start to their 2022 season. Beaten by the Steelers at home (20-23) and in Dallas (17-20), the Bengals are already back to the wall. With a lot of ambitions at the start of this new season, Cincinnati is already facing the challenges of qualifying for the play-offs. Because American analysts like stats, only 12% of teams that started their season with 2 defeats qualified for the post-season. What darken the future of the Bengals. But before thinking of a qualification, it will be necessary to take this match on the ground of the Jets, and especially that Joe Burrow shows a different face than the one he currently presents (13 sacks suffered).

Thursday’s game

Pittsburgh Steelers [1-1] @ Cleveland Browns [1–1] : 17-29

Beaten last week by the Jets (30-31) when they had the game in hand, the Cleveland Browns did not repeat the same mistakes Thursday night. Although led at halftime by the Steelers (13-14) who used their running backs Najee Harris and Mitchell Trubisky perfectly, the Browns were able to react in the second half in front of their audience. With a tight defense, Cleveland no longer let their opponent develop their game. It was not until the last quarter to see the Browns make the difference thanks to Nick Chubb 10 minutes from time (113 yards gained and 1 touchdown) then on a final desperate attempt by the Steelers, Denzel Ward took advantage of a fumble in the opposing in-goal to score a final touchdown. A success that allows the Cleveland Browns to return to the positive before a trip next week to the Falcons.

The NFL 2022 schedule week 3

This week, no franchise is at rest.

Thursday Night Football

Pittsburgh Steelers [1-1] @ Cleveland Browns [1-1]: xx-xx

Redzone (Sunday, 7:00 p.m.)

New Orleans Saints [1-1] @ Carolina Panthers [0-2]

Houston Texas [0-1-1] @Chicago Bears [1-1]

Kansas City Chiefs [2-0] @Indianapolis Colts [0-1-1]

buffalo bills [2-0] @Miami Dolphins [2-0]

Detroit Lions [1-1] @ Minnesota Vikings [1-1]

Baltimore Ravens [1-1] @ New England Patriots [1-1]

Cincinnati Bengals [0-2] @ New York Jets [1-1]

Las Vegas Raiders [0-2] @Tennessee Titans [0-2]

Philadelphia Eagles [2-0] @Washington Commanders [1-1]

Redzone (Sunday, 10:05 p.m./10:25 p.m.)

Jacksonville Jaguars [1-1] @Los Angeles Chargers [1-1]

Los Angeles Rams [1-1] @Arizona Cardinals [1-1]

Atlanta Falcons [0-2] @Seattle Seahawks [1-1]

Green Bay Packers [1-1]@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers [2-0]

Sunday Night Football (Monday, 2:20 a.m.)

San Francisco 49ers [1-1] @Denver Broncos [1-1]

Monday Night Football (Tuesday, 1h15/2h30)

Dallas Cowboys [1-1] @ New York Giants [2-]

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