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Twitter already knows what the 2022 trends will be

In a report published a few days ago, the social network shared its trends over the past year, but also that to come.

With hundreds of millions of tweets published every day, the social network with the blue logo has established itself for several years now as a witness (not always in good faith) to the state of the world. A few days ago, Twitter shared an impressive survey carried out between 2019 and 2021. The opportunity to analyze the few billion messages posted on the platform for two years, but also to predict the trends that are already driving 2022.

Ecology, the trend of the year

According to the social network, three major trends emerge from the year 2022. And surprise, it is neither the Covid-19, nor the war in Ukraine, about to trigger a third world war. Obviously, the pandemic has given the world a boost of awareness, since among the most popular topics, we find that of ecology. In its report, Twitter details: “People are tired of believing that the fate of the planet depends on a few individual efforts, and we see more and more internet users calling on big corporations to take responsibility for the massive planetary challenges ahead.”

We thus note the explosion of certain terms such as “green washing” (+158%), but also the growth of certain themes, particularly around waste (+109%) or existentialism (+20%). Faced with this observation, the company has also sent a message to brands, calling for act rather than promise.

NFT, cryptos and social

Faced with this ecological momentum, Internet users are also more and more likely to want to take part in the world around them. Undoubtedly propelled by the beginnings of web 3.0 and the advent of the blockchain, Twitter will have to deal with cryptocurrencies this year. It’s no wonder that messages related to this subject have exploded in recent years, reaching +994% in just a few months. On their side, NFTs have also seen a marked increase in popularity, with +320% recorded volume. More generally, DApps (decentralized applications), blockchain and stablecoins also recorded a strong increase, with +242% mentions. Proof that 2022 should be the year of crypto.

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