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The end of the year is fast approaching, there are only a few days left to wait before Christmas Eve. In the meantime, the Google search engine invites us to come back to what made the news in 2021, search trends in 2021 and more with “The year 2021 in research”. Every year, Google publishes the ranking of the most popular searches on its search engine and 2021 is no exception to the rule. A year that will once again have been marked by the pandemic, the health crisis even if different themes have also been sought after by French Internet users.

Who says end of the year, says retrospectives and we have already had some during these last days on Internet. This time, it is Google that invites us to come back to what made the news in 2021, the trends of the year 2021 in searches, the keywords most requested by French Internet users and around the world.

In the trends of the year, we find in first position “Euro 2021”, followed by “Curfew certificate”, “Ligue 1”, “Roland Garros” and “Quickly my dose”. For the information and news trends section, we find in first position “Afghanistan”, followed by “Bitcoin”, “Disease of Charcot”, “Vigilance yellow storms” and “Delphine Jubillar”. For the part tendencies singers, singers and musicians we find in first position “Daft Punk”, followed by “Barbara Pravi”, “Vianney”, “Julien Clerc” and “Françoise Hardy”.


We must not forget either in this top that the pandemic had a place of choice in research in 2021 with the curfew certificate, confinement and the search for a center with “Quickly my dose” and “Doctolib vaccination “. For sport, it is Euro 2021 which dominates ahead of league 1. There have also been searches that are a little more bizarre than others, such as: “Why were chainsaws invented? “. Some also wondered “What did Jean-Paul Belmondo die of? “.

For other searches, there are in the top of each category: Mbappé, Ary Abittan, the Galette des Rois by Cyril Lignac, Alec Baldwin, Bernard Tapie, the film Dune, the Squid Game series…

We let you discover the complete ranking on the page “The year 2021 in research”. You can also find what Internet users around the world searched for in 2021, such as the term “doomscrolling” or the search for “mittens” which was a hit during the American elections thanks to Bernie Sanders.

Google – Year In Search 2021

(Illustration: screenshot of the year 2021 in Google searches)


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