“Why chainsaws were invented” and other Google Trends in 2021

“Why chainsaws were invented” and other Google Trends in 2021



Google has just unveiled its top search trends for 2021… with some surprises.

It has become a chestnut tree 2.0. As the end of the year approaches, Google unveils the top searches on its engine. And if the Covid sadly marked the year 2021 with still many searches related to medical news – How to obtain the health pass was the most asked question in 2021 compared to 2020 -, Internet users sometimes compete in imagination . Thus, we find in the second question which aroused the most interest from Internet users a disturbing… “Why were chainsaws invented?”. We sincerely do not know the reason for this spike in interest.

Mbappé, the most fashionable athlete

In terms of cinema, “Dune” was the most searched film (compared to 2020), ahead of “Black Widow” and, more surprisingly, “Titanium”, the Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival. Murderer in spite of himself, Alec Baldwin was Google’s most “popular” actor, but he would have done well without this new notoriety, while the separation of “Daft Punk” caused more talk than Barbara Pravi’s second place at Eurovision in the musical department. For series, it was the “Squid Game” phenomenon that was the most searched for, ahead of “Lupin”, a second Netflix series. Kylian Mbappé was the most wanted athlete, we hope not for his missed penalty against Switzerland during the Euro, the most “wanted” sporting event. Finally, Cyril Lignac’s galette des rois has apparently whetted the taste buds – the trendiest recipe – ahead of the wild garlic and the succulent Mochis.

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