InMoment publishes its European Experience Trends 2021 report

The Strategic Insights team at InMoment analyzed over 1,500 customer responses to provide insight into consumer perceptions of physical and digital experiences over the past year in Europe.

InMoment®, the leader in Experience Enhancement (XI)™ solutions, has released a brand new European study showing the effects of increased experiences on hybrid channels, and what the future holds for overall customer experience.

InMoment’s EMEA Strategic Insights team collected over 1,500 responses from customers in the UK, France and Germany as of August 2021. Based on this research, InMoment’s experts have published a report on perception of consumers today, how the physical and digital experience has changed over the past year, and how customer expectations will shape the future of the omnichannel experience.

Using InMoment’s Market Pulse solution, the team was able to invite consumers to participate in a study to illustrate:

● How they changed the way they interact with brands

● The evolution of their expectations

● What they are demanding from brands over the next 12 months.

In the report, four key trends were identified in European markets, showing that consumers want the brands they interact with to be able to deliver higher quality hybrid experiences across physical and digital channels.

Trend 1: Mixed outlook on consumer confidence

Trend 2: Digital will continue and support growth

Trend 3: The future of hybrid experience channels

Trend 4: Brands must constantly evolve

The report concludes that the majority of European customers do not want their experiences to return “to normal”. They demand that brands interact with them in more convenient ways with innovative offers, creating seamless hybrid experiences.

Download the full report here:

European Trends Report 2021

The New Balance: Physical and Digital Experiences in Europe.


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