the series adapted from the hit teen-movie

the series adapted from the hit teen-movie

In June 2018, the excellent teen-movie Love, Simon delighted the crowds. Its adaptation in series should soon see the light of day, on the Disney + platform.

Before, I hated teen movies. But that was before !

Over the past few years, I’ve found that movies targeting teens are getting deeper and sometimes even fine analysts of current societal issues.

Like the excellent Love, SimonBesides !

Love, Simonwhat was it again?

While Simon is in high school, love at first sight falls on the corner of his head.

But this lightning love is not intended for her best friend, nor for any girl in her school.

His crush: an anonymous Internet user to whom he sends messages and who happens to be a man.

Simon is gay, and no one knows. He confides his fears, his doubts and his existential questions to this boy he has never seen.

But then, life is full of pitfalls, and Simon will experience one of them.

One of his comrades falls on his email exchanges and the threatens to reveal everything if he does not comply with one of his wishes…

Love, Simonseries adaptation


According to the Collider site, the series adapted from the film, itself adapted from the novel Me, Simon, 16, Homo sapiensby Becky Albertalli, of which it was the first book, would be under development.

This series should land on the Disney + platform, but according to Variety, the director of the film Greg Berlanti would not be involved in the project.

The platform that competes with Netflix will land on November 12, 2019 in the United States, and will offer a large number of content: 500 films and 7500 series episodes.

You can find Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel movies there.

Beautiful hours of gland on your sofa in anticipation!

So far the series Love, Simon is only at the draft stage but its confirmation as well as additional information should fall quickly.

While waiting to subscribe to the Disney+ platform, I advise you to watch the series Our planeta superb ode to our nature, available on Netflix.

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