A Popcorn movie that we swallow with great appetite

a popcorn-movie that we swallow with great appetite

The film presented by Jérôme Garcin

In Tokyo, the alcoholic Yuichi Kimura (Andrew Koji), gets on the Shinkansen which is the Japanese TGV, direction Morioka with a firearm. His target, a college student who pushed his six-year-old son off a building. But he is not the only armed one. On board are also Hornet (Zazie Beetz), the Wolf (Bad Bunny), the twins Citron (Brian Tyree Henry) and Mandarin (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who are the henchmen of a gangster whose mission is to bring back his kidnapped son. And finally, Ladybug (Brad Pitt), a bad luck hitman, tasked with recovering the suitcase containing the ransom without violence. Add Michael Shannon as the White Death, a Russian kingpin, Sandra Bullock, Ladybug’s supervisor. And through the windows of the train, a stylized, fantasized Japan, parading at 400 km/h.

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Pierre Murat surprised himself and had a lot of fun!

However, at the start, it was not at all the kind of cinema that the critic of Telerama likes: “I really expected to be bored during the 2 hours, because it must be said that all the shots only last three seconds at most, it’s very inspired by Tarantino, but besides that, there’s such an invention, such a mockery that we necessarily have a great time!

The film consistently lands on its feet, even if it’s a film that we soon forgot when we left the session, it’s absolutely jubilant and quite successful !”.

Xavier Leherpeur salutes “a real regressive happiness!”

The magazine reviewer Seventh Obsession does not hide his guilty pleasure with regard to a “very stupid” film during which he also enjoyed himself: “Well, there will be no French remake since the train is, in this film, always on time! It’s a film that has the elegance of summoning a Japanese version of ““Stay Alive” of the Bee Gees and then of “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler and which uses Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum as cameos in rather unexpected roles.

Certainly, it’s abysmal bullshit, but we have the right to like bullshitfor my part, I enjoyed myself from the beginning to the end and it is a real regressive happiness of a cinephile who refuses to grow up, of which I am a part”.

Ariane Allard had a blast!

The journalist from chat was also enormously delighted with this totally offbeat style which gives a perfect popcorn movie for the summer: “I think it’s a playful film, essentially based on the game with the spectator. This is full of quotes and winks, each as offbeat as the other, with a play on accents in particular. It’s going so fast that once you’ve seen it, it’s already gone! A film also based on the acting. Brad Pitt offers a rather extraordinary number. Brad Pitt reminded me of Johnny Depp in “Las Vegas Paranoid” by Terry Gilliam (1998), with this sort of gonzo look with his bob. He’s not the only one, think also of the two antagonistic twins who are great!

It’s a game on the soundtrack because, who says ‘Tarantinesque film’ says an absolutely delicious soundtrack ! There are the Bee Gees, Tom Jones, etc. We have fun, it’s a “popcorn movie” that we swallow with great appetitewhich we certainly forget right after, but during which we have a really good laugh!”

Michel Ciment could have appreciated it more if…

If… pleasure was the only thing the critic was looking for in cinema. However, it is a style far too excessive for his taste, regretting shots that systematically only last a few seconds each time: “It’s really clips, constant zooms, in short an extraordinarily rhythmic editing cut. I didn’t enjoy it as much as a Quentin Tarantino film, but you have to recognize that there is a real staging and a real sense of space. There’s probably a little too much and, at one point, I walked a lot less

I especially admired Brad Pitt, whom I find absolutely fantastic in his role. There are a very stunt side with extraordinarily rhythmic physical sequences. It must be said that David Leitch is a former stuntman. He was already dubbing Brad Pitt in “fight club” by David Fincher, they worked together.

I can’t say that it’s not good either, since the film fulfills its objectives, but it’s not so much the pleasure that I seek in cinema”.

The film

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