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Our favorite TEEN MOVIES -

Our favorite TEEN MOVIES – smallthings

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Being a teenager is good. Loving movies is good. Loving movies about teenagers is good. So it’s not because we’ve stopped sticking together and going to school that we’re not allowed to talk to you about films about youth, the famous teen movies.

So be careful, we are starting with a definition which is as follows: a teen movie is a film that talks about youth and not about young people. But for many, a teen movie is a movie with young people. In this constant struggle to define genres (you will see it later with our top romantic comedy, everyone has their own definition), our general top contains few films that have obtained unanimous approval. Refer to our personal tops at the bottom of articles to see that everyone has their definition.

Our nominations area only takes into account films released after 1990 to avoid the cult and unfortunately untouchable Breakfast Club Or other Ferris Bueller.

Here are the 5 most appreciated films of the TEEN MOVIE category team.

JUNO – 4 voices

Jason Reitman’s film was released in 2008 with us. It features Ellen Page and Michael Cera. Juno MacGuff, a free-spirited teenager facing an unplanned pregnancy.

lists - Our favorite TEEN MOVIES american pielists - Our favorite TEEN MOVIES le monde de charlielists - Our favorite TEEN MOVIES virgin suicideslists - Our favorite TEEN MOVIES sex intentions

American Pie / Le Monde de Charlie / Virgin Suicides / Sex intentions – 3 voices

American Pie remains the benchmark for teen movies in the pure tradition of the genre that exploded at that time. Combining light eroticism, schoolboy humor and young actors who have become specialists in the genre. Charlie’s world went fairly unnoticed at the time of its release, but the tough talk, sober direction and a trio of talented actors made the film a must-see. Virgin Suicides is also one of those films that are not one-upmanship. Sofia Coppola offered a small nugget, bittersweet, with strong lyricism with a quality cast.

Sex Intentions was a daring and relevant re-reading of Dangerous Liaisons and was released at a time when teen movies were more in search of identity. We invite you to read our file on this blessed period of the genre.


Discover the Top by editor:

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_accordion admin_label= »Accordéon » use_border_color= »off » border_color= »#ffffff » border_style= »solid »] [et_pb_accordion_item title= »Top Adrien »]

American Pie

American Pie 2

American Pie 3

American Pie 4


sex intentions

Jennifer’s Body

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect 2

Project X

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Top Claire »]

sex intentions

Play it like Beckham


Our opposite stars

virgin suicides

pitch perfect 1

American pie 1

Twilight 1
How I live now

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Top Léo »]

If I stay

Charlie’s world



The Fury of Living

Our opposite stars

West Side Story

Bugsy Malone


kick ass

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Top Rose »]

The Breakfast Club

Pump Up the Volume

California Man



10 good reasons to dump you





[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Top Joanna »]

Play it like Beckham
the cheeky
Mint diabolo
Virgin Suicides
kick ass

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Top Mélanie »]


Scream 4

Palo Alto

The Breakfast Club

At the End of the Race

Our opposite stars

The Spectacular Now

Charlie’s world

White Bird in a Blizzard

Paranoid Park

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Top Tom »]


Virgin Suicides

Lolita in spite of me

Charlie’s world

Sex intentions

One Night in New York

girl next door

100 girls

American Pie

Jennifer’s Body

8 days a week

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