Bigfoot in Leominster State Forest?  One man has been on the hunt for decades

Bigfoot in Leominster State Forest? One man has been on the hunt for decades

LEOMINSTER — Deep in the woods of central Massachusetts is a place called “Monsterland.” Parts of Leominster, including the state forest are home to sightings of Bigfoot and other unusual activity.

One man has been on the hunt for decades. His name is Ronny LeBlanc. His supernatural experiences started when he was just 11 years old.

“I would go with friends to ride bikes,” said Le Blanc. “There’s a particular trail that I would go down.”

Le Blanc described the terror he felt when the forest went quiet until it wasn’t.

“Within seconds the forest erupted in front of me. Trees and shrubs were moving. I started to feel these reverberations in the soles of my feet of something walking.”

And before he knew it, whatever started him was gone.

Years later, Le Blanc has dedicated his life to tracking the Sasquatch all over the country and in Leominster State Forest.

“I think because these things have happened to me personally, it’s created this obsession where I need to find out more.”

Le Blanc is currently featured on the Travel Channel’s “Bigfoot Expedition” and he has written two books on the subject.

“Monsterland, the reason it gets its name is there were sightings of Bigfoot creatures going back to the late 1800s.”

Le Blanc has even helped cast footprints found a decade ago in Leominster.

“The experience of seeing that impression in the ground, six footprints. Something I’ve seen in a lot of books of the pacific northwest and here we are in Massachusetts,” he said.

And Le Blanc now believes Bigfoot could be linked to UFOs.

“This is something more alien, something more interdimensional,” said Le Blanc. “Ninety-nine percent of these could all be made up. But if you have that one that is legit, this whole thing is real. Then it’s a game-changer and it’s a paradigm shift on how we see the world and how we fit in it in this universe, really.”


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