Dan Snyder could sell the Commanders!

Dan Snyder could sell the Commanders!

Finally, Dan Snyder’s pile of files on other NFL bosses might not have been that thick. In any case, the owner of Commanders is starting to think about its release.

According to Forbes, Snyder hired BofA Securities to sell his franchise. He would even have already received at least four calls from interested groups. It is common in this kind of procedure to hire a company to manage the sale.

Be careful all the same, for the moment, nothing ensures that Snyder is ready to leave completely. He is currently exploring all options: from selling a minority share to selling the entire franchise.

Mired in harassment cases within the franchise for months, Snyder is increasingly being challenged, sometimes quite openly, by some NFL owners. Maybe selling before you get kicked out would be a face-saving way for everyone.

Snyder has owned Commanders 100% since buying out all shares from minority owners in 2021.

The Commanders are estimated at $5.6 billion by Forbes. The Broncos, the last team sold in the NFL, were sold for 4.65 billion last August.

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