Denver Colorado shooting: 1 dead and 5 others injured in Denver shooting, police say

Denver Colorado shooting: 1 dead and 5 others injured in Denver shooting, police say


One man is dead and five other people were injured in a drive-by shooting in broad daylight Tuesday in Denver, police said.

The victims were standing on a sidewalk at East Colfax Avenue and North Verbena Street when the suspects pulled up next to them and opened fire before fleeing the scene, according to Denver Police Commander Matt Clark

“It’s absolutely concerning that this occurred in broad daylight,” Clark said. “They were just standing on the sidewalk. No apparent conflict there.”

Police did not identify the victims beyond saying they were four men and two women. The victim who was killed was identified as an adult man. At least three of the injured victims were hospitalized in critical condition.

Clark described the shooting location as a “hotspot” area where there is heightened police presence due to a high level of criminal activity. He added that police were interviewing several witnesses.

The mass shooting in Denver comes as the country continues to grapple with gun violence.

So far this year, there have been an average of more than 1.8 mass shootings daily, totaling at least 577 mass shootings as of Tuesday night, according to the non-profit Gun Violence Archive. CNN and the archive define a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter.

Most recently, young people fell victim to those shootings on Halloween night.

In Chicago, at least 14 people – including three children ages 3, 11 and 13 – were shot Monday night in a drive-by shooting. Two people in an SUV opened fire on people standing at a busy corner before fleeing the scene, police said.

Also Monday, a 17-year-old was killed and six other teenagers were shot at a Halloween party inside a Kansas City, Kansas, home. The party turned into a crime scene when a group of uninvited people opened fire at the crowd after being told to leave.

The suspects were dressed in costumes and masks, and police believe they left in a dark SUV after firing the gunshots.


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