FJORD Trends 2018: 7 trends for a world in tension

FJORD Trends 2018: 7 trends for a world in tension

Fjord, Accenture Interactive’s design and innovation studio, identifies trends to watch in 2018

A report that analyzes the tensions at work inside and outside companies and society. This eleventh annual report examines seven emerging digital trends that could change the way we live and work in 2018.

Rapid advances in technology are changing the world we live in today, causing both wonder and concern about the possibilities they offer. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, automatic image analysis or blockchain, emerging technologies are rooted in the digital and physical experiences of our daily lives.

“Each of our 2018 trends was born from a fundamental tension, whether it was a change, a collision or a clash of ideas”, explains Mathilde Lauriau-Tedeschi, director of Fjord in France. “Digital versus physical, human versus machine, centralization versus decentralization, productivity versus craftsmanship, automation versus control, traceability versus anonymity. In 2018, it will no longer be enough to be a simple observer of these tensions, we will have to seize the opportunity to collectively design the world in which we will live. »

Fjord Trends 2018 outlines how businesses can turn these tensions into positive change. The report examines seven trends that are expected to shape the next generation of experiences and services:

1) The return of the physical world:

Digital has held sway long enough – the brand experience is now digital AND physical. The time has therefore come to merge the two.

Suggestions: no longer separate physical and digital – sharpen your design skills – let technology inspire you

2) Computers have eyes (…and ears):

Computers no longer just understand our words, they now read and interpret images without any help from us. Imagine the possibilities this represents for the next generation of digital services.

Suggestions: rethink services, your approach to data and contexts

3) Algorithm slaves:

How to design a marketing strategy that relies on the algorithms that connect brands to their customers and make conventional branding strategies obsolete?

Suggestions: get to know the safeguards, beware of repetition and adapt to the new marketing environment

4) The quest for the meaning of machines:

Artificial intelligence could change our jobs, but should not eliminate them. We can – and should – work on designing the relationship between human and machine.

“The machine is another user profile” Paige Maguire, Design Director at Fjord

Suggestions: think collaboratively and not competitively, draw interactions, be transparent and open, create scalable plans for staff

5) The challenge of transparency:

Blockchain could generate transparency, secure the internet, bring back lost trust and rebuild relationships with the general public.

Shift from touch points to trust points

Suggestions: act now, build trust and stay open to partnerships

6) The economics of ethics:

Whether they like it or not, companies have to take a stand on political and social issues. Consumers are willing to pay for brands that resonate with their core values.

Suggestions: do a self-audit in an ethical way and be clear about your personality / proposal

7) Design differently:

design is on the rise and that’s a good thing. But in a world where everyone thinks they’re a designer, designers must evolve in the way they work, learn and act, to continue to make a difference.

Suggestions: compose multi-disciplinary teams, designers: take your responsibilities!

“We believe that this edition of Trends will provoke and inspire, but above all provide companies with practical advice to prepare for the opportunities ahead”, added Mathilde Lauriau-Tedeschi. machine, the consequences of which will be profound for individuals, society and all types of organizations. As digital integrates with the physical world, our relationship to the world around us will be redefined. »

Trends 2018 draws on the collective thinking of over 1,000 Fjord designers around the world. This year for the first time it is also based on the observations and expectations of 85 customers.

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