Maury County library director resigns after pressure from community on pride display

Maury County library director resigns after pressure from community on pride display

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WSMV) – A monthly meeting held by the Maury County Board of Trustees reportedly got heated on Wednesday night discussing a pride display, and the banning of books in a public library.

On Wednesday night, the board approved the Library Director, Zachary Fox’s resignation with regret. Fox allegedly resigned last week due to pressure stemming from a group against the books they deemed inappropriate.

In a letter to the board, Fox said his last day would be Oct. 28, but he did say that he would be willing to stay on until they found an interim or another library director.

“Zac was an inspiration to many families in this community,” said Lukas Banks, one attendee of the meeting. “A majority of this community does not support censorship regardless of what the loudmouths say. Zac knew this, the board knows this. Zac knew what it takes to run a library reaching to the community and prioritizing those who wish to learn and seek knowledge…”

Banks added that he wants to see evidence of the Board helping Fox and to see if there is any other director that may face pressure and could be helped by the board as well too.

After Fox’s resignation was approved, the meeting heard public comments most of which were complaints about the pride display as well as people defending it.

In addition, some people wanted to take books out that they considered inappropriate for some age groups, whereas some defended the books.

Others put trust in the library board’s review process and wanted to show support for the board.

Now, the Maury County Library its search for a new director.

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