NFL coach Deion Sanders banned his players from leaving the hotel following Takeoff's death

NFL coach Deion Sanders banned his players from leaving the hotel following Takeoff’s death

Jackson State University football team players are banned from leaving their hotel while in Houston. It was their coach who gave the order for security reasons.

Takeoff’s death in a shooting in Houston has really created psychosis in everyone’s mind. The 28-year-old rapper inspired football coach Deion Sanders. The latter spoke with his team visiting the city of Houston in view of facing the Texas Southern University Tigers this weekend.

Prohibition to go out

Deion Sanders quickly gathered his foals to give them the message with a very paternal tone. “Takeoff was murdered in a craps game in Houston. Where we are goingsaid the legendary NFL cornerback. “So that eliminates anyone leaving this hotel because it won’t happen until I give you another review. So whatever her name, whoever she is, her parents, everyone, they’ll come to the hotel to visit you because you won’t leave. »

A source of motivation

The head coach ensured that the morale of his elements was not undermined. “I’m just sick of the consistency of people influencing you and constantly leaving us, they’re our rapperssaid Deion Sanders to show the impact of the stars. “Sooner or later we have to start changing our addresses, guys. It’s an analogy for saying, “I know this, but we are not that. We have to leave behind what we used to do. You are no longer who you were a year ago. You’re not even who you will be in a year, which is a blessing. But you can’t continually do the things you’ve always done and expect to get results.»

Raising awareness to avoid the worst

The coach didn’t fail to express his sadness for the loss of Takeoff. He also took the opportunity to ask his foals not to be in the vicious circle. “You know how the game is played and I don’t want you all to play this stupid game because you are all precious to your family, your friends and you are precious to all of us. »

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