Sister Linda follows strict routine on Phillies game day

Sister Linda follows strict routine on Phillies game day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Sister Linda grew up in South Philadelphia within walking distance of the sports complex. Her passion for the game and humor are one of a kind.

Prayers for the Phillies from Neumann University.

“I do believe the baseball gods are in our favor,” Sister Linda said.

Sister Linda Decero, of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, says she started praying way back when the Phillies season wasn’t in their favor.

“So I started praying and low and behold all of a sudden we are here and who would have thought,” Sister Linda said.

And nothing cracks Sister Linda’s strict routine on game days.

She sits in a chair dressed in her Phillies best, holds a Phillies water bottle, and eats the same thing.

“I had a cold chicken cutlets sandwich, I had it on an Italian roll, side potato salad and side coleslaw and she said, ‘aren’t you tired of eating that?’ And I said no they keep winning I keep eating,” Sister Linda said.

Even before the game, she prayers in front of her Phillies shrine and then is zoned into each play.

“I usually don’t have anyone here when I watch the games, except Sister Margarite and she knows she is not allowed to speak during the game,” Sister Linda said.

She’s only allowed to talk during commercials.

Sister Margarite also lives in the ministry house on campus.

“Some hoots and hollers and sometimes I think the security guards might be called in,” Sister Margarite said.

In the end, the sisters want the team to know prayer is powerful.

“We got your back that you are not dancing alone and when you win the world series we will be dancing with you,” Sister Linda said.

Sister Linda says one of her favorite memories was the 2008 World Series.


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